Best Smart Plugs for Google Home : A Total Hi-Tech Makeover for Your Home

Google Home enabled plugs can transform your house into a true blue smart home; getting these Google Assistant supported smart plugs will not only let you control your lights and other appliances, but it can let you do it using your voice.

In fact, these best Google Home compatible smart plugs can help you randomly switch on or off your smart bulbs even when you are away.

All smart plugs that work with Google Home obviously require strong internet connection. For a complete tech transformation of your home, you need to blend Wi-fi, smart devices, and Internet of Things perfectly with equal measure.

We have put together a list of some of the top rated Google home compatible smart plugs that offer you the best functionality while keeping the whole experience extremely user friendly.


Best Google Home Compatible Smart Plugs (Works With Google Home Mini too)

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Kasa Smart HS105 Mini WiFi Smart Plug tplink

The TP-Link HS105 is considered to be the best smart plug for Google Home due to its vast and varied functionalities. You can run your house on your schedule with the HS105.

You can control different appliances, turn devices on or off and create schedule just by using the Kasa app on your smartphone or tablet.

With the ability to work directly with Google Assistant, you can assign names to each and every plug and manage them through voice control with ease.

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#2. WeMo Smart Plug

Wemo Mini Smart Plug

The Wemo Mini is a Wi-Fi based Google Home smart plug which lets you control your lights and appliances using Wi-Fi.

There is no extra subscription or hub needed as you can just plug Wemo Mini into an electrical wall socket and then connect the appliance to this plug for remote, wireless control.

You can control the device using the Wemo app on your smartphone or use hand-free voice control using Google Assistant. The design is extremely sleek and attractive, letting you use an additional plug into the same outlet simultaneously.

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#3. Potensic

Potensic WIFI Enabled Smart Plug for Google Assistant

Potensic is one of the easiest-to-use Google Home compatible smart plugs out there. It is direct plug and play, and can be controlled through your smartphone using the TuyaSmart app.

You can set timings, switch lights and appliances on or off and also use voice control with Google Assistant for getting your desired task done.

The plug is very easy to start and stop by switching off the socket using your smartphone app. And what’s more, there is no extra hub or accessory required to make it work.

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#4. Seffin Four

Seffin Four Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Using the Seffin Four Wi-Fi smart plug you can get complete remote smart control of your home devices. You can control the devices over wireless using the Smart Life app on your smartphone or by using your voice with Google Assistant.

This smart plug lets you pre-program home devices to switch on or off at specific timings. It supports up to ten timing functions and also up to 50 wi-fi smart socket points from just one smart phone.

Then smart plug is very easy to use by plugging into the wall socket and connecting to the Wi-Fi network.

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#5. TanTan

TanTan Conico Wi-Fi Controlled Plug

TanTan Conico Wi-Fi controlled plug is a mini smart socket that can instantly turn your home into a smart home. You can download the Smart Life app and configure the smart Wi-Fi plug preferences.

It works flawlessly with Google Home to issue voice commands for managing your lights and devices. The TanTan mini socket works with your traditional 2.4Ghz band home Wi-Fi without needing any special hub.

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#6. Tonbux

Tonbux Smart Plug

Tonbux brings you a smart switch plug that you can use to easily control your lights and appliances remotely instead of reaching out for the outlets each time.

The Wi-Fi smart plug is well integrated with Google Home and can be used to voice control the devices. With the vHome automation feature, you can make sure that you never return to a dark home. You can sync the lights according to timing or to suit your routine.

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#7. Tip-Top Home Goods

Tip-Top Home Goods

The Tip-Top Home Goods is one of those must have smart plugs that works well with Google Assistant by the virtue of its seamless integration with Google Home.

You get total remote access to manage any device connected to the smart plug directly from your smartphone. It just takes a simple and quick installation to setup this Wi-Fi smart plug outlet.

Once done, this helps you to set schedules and remotely control devices for an automated, modern, smart home.

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DAILYCOMB Google Home Compatible Smart Plug

Dailycomb smart plugs work wonderfully well with Google Home to give you a comprehensive voice controlled smart plug environment for your home.

The voice supports switches and the app then helps to manage the timing, countdown and anti-theft timers.

You can use it to remotely manage your lights and appliances from your phone with the use of the Internet. The design of the smart plug is very compact and the USB interface is great for embedding.

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#9. MJeck

MJeck Smart Plug for Google Home

This Wi-Fi based smart plug is compatible with Google Home and suits the 2.4GHz frequency Wi-Fi. There is no need of any separate hub or subscription service to activate this smart plug.

You get full control over it to turn your devices on or off and also schedule timing as you need. The sleek design helps in reducing the space needed to fit the plug as well as during travel.

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#10. GMYLE

GMYLE Smart Wifi Plug for Google Home

The GMYLE smart plug is pure plug’n’play, meaning all you have to do is just insert it into the wall socket and then connect your appliances to it for remote control over wireless.

You can control either using the app on your smartphone or through voice command over Google Home. The countdown function is a nice added feature as you can prevent overcharging and power wastage by turning on or off your appliance automatically.

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#11. iDOBBi

iDOBBi Wireless Mini Smart Plug

The iDobbi mini smart plug makes your home automation task much easier by helping you control your lights and appliances using the free app on your smartphone or through your voice commands with Google Home.

You can save considerable money by managing the right schedule for your house, by turning on and off the lights as needed automatically and by using appropriate timers for your devices remotely.

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