Best Smart Smoke Detectors: Essential Gadgets for Safety of Your Home

With advanced home automation systems on the rise and new generation wanting everything to be digital, including security and safety systems in the house, top rated carbon monoxide detectors are the new norm. Investing in the best fire alarm is essential in order to avoid mishaps and be alerted of any emergency no matter where you are. However, with so many different types available in the market, choosing the right one for you can be a daunting task. So here’s where we come in. In an attempt to help you choose, we have shortlisted some of the effective and best smart smoke detectors.

Smart Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can be installed in your workplace, apart from your home. If you are running your own business, you can use smoke detectors to ensure the safety of your employees working in your office. The Wi-fi enabled smoke detectors can quickly send you an alert on your smartphone wherever you are.

Best Smart Smoke Detectors - WiFi Enabled Fire Alarm for Home

Best Smart Smoke Detectors

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#1. Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Nest Protect Smoke Detector

This wired carbon monoxide alarms system offers a wide range of specifications that are best suited for today’s busy lifestyle. One of the unique features of Nest Protect is that it uses dual wavelengths of light to pinpoint both fast and slow burning fires. The device has a 10-year carbon monoxide sensor that will help guide you to the place in your house or office where this odourless, colourless yet deadly gas is leaking.

Nest Protect is easy to install and connect to your iPhone, iPad and Android phones and gadgets. It can also be connected to Wi-fi system and home automation system. This connectivity will help the device to alert you through your phone or computer and also light up your way at night when there’s danger. The device also sends subtle voice alerts when a certain home appliance nears high temperatures.

Price: $118.98
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#2. Roost RSA-400 Wireless Smart Smoke Alarm

Roost RSA-400 Wireless Smart Smoke Alarm

Let’s talk about something more affordable, a value for money option that is just as efficient as the high-tech, more expensive wireless smoke detectors. Roost RSA-400 is a 12-Volt hardwired 4-in-1 top rated smoke detectors that sense not only fast flaming or slow smoldering fires but also Carbon monoxide and natural gas leaks. With a 10-year warranty and battery backup, this makes for an optimum choice.

Easy connectivity with Wi-fi and compatibility with iOS as well as Android systems allows Roost RSA-400 to send alarms on your computer and phones. This device allows for a setting so that it can send alerts to a few close family members or trusted friends in case of emergency and your unavailability.

Price: $59.99
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Onelink Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm

With 10-year sealed battery and Apple Homekit compatibility, Onelink 120-Volt Hardwired Smoke and Carbon monoxide smart fire alarm makes for an ideal choice for any house. This device ensures the safety of the house with its Wifi-enabled features and easy connectivity to iOS and Android systems.

Onelink smoke alarm can send notifications to your mobile phones or other remote devices and notify the location of the emergency via voice messages or Bluetooth.

Price: $124.95
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#4. Halo+ Smart Smoke Alarm Works With Alexa and SmartThings

Halo+ Smart Smoke Alarm

Another hardwired smoke and carbon monoxide detector that is rapidly becoming popular is Halo+, especially because of its compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Lowe’s Iris and Samsung SmartThings among others. With battery backup, Halo+ combines six sensors that help differentiate real fires from the harmless ones, in turn reducing the number of false alarms.

Also true to its name, when Halo+ senses fire emergency a ring of light will appear around it and it will send alerts to your smartphones and other connected devices. Besides these notifications, this device can also be customized to send weather alerts according to your preferences, including those for natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes.

Price: $149.00
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#5. First Alert Smoke Alarm Compatible with Z-Wave

First Alert Smoke Alarm

First Alert is one of a kind 2-in-1 Z-wave compatible smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. Although this device is not adaptable to WINK-based systems, it is certified for use with Nexia Home Intelligence or other Z-Wave systems. Backed by 7-year warranty, First Alert features reliable electrochemical carbon monoxide and photoelectric smoke sensors.

Considering the simplicity of First Alert, this device is easy to install, test and operate. It is also able to connect with your smartphones and other gadgets in order to receive emergency alerts when you are away from home.

Price: $43.57
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#6. Leeo Smart Smoke Remote Alarm Monitor

Leeo Smart Smoke Remote Alarm Monitor

Above mentioned best smart smoke detectors are well-recommended and offer different specifications that would easily meet anyone’s requirements. But what if you already own a reliable smoke detector? Well, you still have a great option in Leeo Smart smoke and carbon monoxide alert. All one has to do is plug it in, download the free iOS or Android app and connect to the home’s Wi-Fi.

This remote system monitors existing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and notifies you of any emergency on your smartphones. This system is compatible with iOS and Android devices and gadgets. Leeo also calls and alerts friends and family members if you fail to respond to the emergency alarm. Local emergency services phone numbers are also provided according to your location.

Price: $49.99
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Here’s where we end our list, although above mentioned are in no way the only available choices. These are just those at the top of the iceberg. So explore the devices and choose what is best for your requirements. Be alert and keep your house safe. Which of these best Smart Smoke Detectors will you buy? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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