Best Smart Switches for Alexa : Make Your Premises Intelligent Effortlessly

Best smart light switches for Amazon Echo devices let you transform your abode into a smart residence in the easiest of ways. You can use a Wifi enabled wall switch for controlling lights or you may wish to go for a dimmer light switch for the same purpose. It can also be utilized for taking remote control of appliances such as fans, outlets, and any other electric product including an electric fireplace. Bring home the best Alexa compatible switches for Amazon Echo and create a smart home.

If the idea of such Alexa enabled smart light switch that works with Amazon Echo devices entices you, then it is advised to remember that not every smart switch available on the market is the same. Getting the best switch vary in their performance due to the level of integrations and apps involved. Don’t worry, as we bring you a definitive list from which to select the most suitable Alexa controlled light switches.

Best Smart Switches for Alexa

Best Alexa Compatible Switches Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show and Echo Spot

Smart Light Switches for Alexa

Notable Features
LevitonIntegration with IFTTTBuy Now
TP-LinkEasy InstallationBuy Now
WemoWorks with Nest ThermostatBuy Now
(with Z-Wave Plus Technology)
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iDevicesAccess AnywhereBuy Now
InsteonDual-band Insteon
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SwitchmateOne-Second InstallationBuy Now
Lighting Scenes
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GEImproved Space EfficiencyBuy Now
WinkIntercom FunctionalityBuy Now

#1. Leviton

Leviton Smart Light Switch for Alexa

Leviton is one of the best Smart Switch that functions flawlessly with Amazon Alexa for voice control. It connects directly to Alexa using which you can voice control your entire home. You have total control over the lights using the free My Levithon app available for both the iOS and Android without the need for a hub. You can automate and schedule based on timing and also create lighting scenes.

Price: $39.97
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TP-Link Wifi controlled light switch works well with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control. You get remote access to control devices that are in connection with the smart switch with just the presence of Wi-Fi, using the free Kasa app. Switch on or off these appliances from anywhere just using your smart device. You can also use the Away-Mode to do this at different times even when away from your home.

Price: $34.99
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#3. Wemo

Wemo switch helps to faultlessly change over from your traditional light wall switch to a smart Light switch for Amazon Echo. You can download the free Wemo app to control your lights and appliances from anywhere. Schedule your house lighting as you require and also set your fans to switch on if the outer temperature gets hot. This also works with the Nest Thermostat that enables your lights to be aware whether you are out of the house and accordingly turn on or off.

Price: $34.99
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#4. Leviton (with Z-Wave Plus Technology)

Leviton Z WAVE Tech Smart Light Switch for Alexa

This Leviton light switch is a Z-Wave Plus certified switch which is compatible with most popular hubs like SmartThings and Wink. This smart Light Switch is top rated for CFL and LED loads up to 600W and for incandescent loads up to 1800W. This smart switch achieves multiple locations three-way dimming by utilizing an appropriate remote.

Price: $44.99
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#5. iDevices Wall Switch

This is a very user-friendly connected light switch that lets you control, supervise and set up your lighting right across the entirety of your home. The iDevices Wifi wall switch answers to Alexa or Siri commands, thereby making easy your task of remotely controlling lights and other devices. This in-wall wireless light Switch can be utilized in a single pile or in a multiple pole 3-way or 4-way setup. Along with another iDevices wall switch, you are able to sync the two using Bluetooth for a seamless, virtual link.

Price: $94.99
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#6. Insteon

Insteon Smart Light Switch for Alexa

If you have Insteon hub then this light switch is perfect for you. To install this smart switch you will need a neutral wire and it will hardly take 10 minutes. This light switch can easily control any kind of load such as incandescent as well as fluorescent light, ceiling fans and motor based devices. It has a potent 1800 watts capability and is well-suited for both commercial and residential needs. There is dual-band Insteon technology present which enables it to be a quick and stable functioning Wifi controlled outlet.

Price: $41.54
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#7. Switchmate

Switchmate is a switch that quickly fits over regular light switches and helps you to automate the process of turning lights on or off. You can set timers to make the lights go on or off when you enter your home or even specific rooms and also when you are away from home. The installation doesn’t require any tools or wiring and takes merely a few seconds to install. You can control the automation using your phone or the wall switch.

Price: $22.99
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LUTRON Smart Light Switch for Alexa

Lutron lets you regulate and monitor your present light bulbs, using the free Lutron app for iOS and Android. You can schedule the lights to come on or switch off at particular times such as the sunrise or the sunset, or also according to change of seasons. This Wifi dimmer switch helps you create customized lighting scenes for your home to alter the ambiance according to your tastes. Apart from Amazon Alexa, this smart wireless dimmer switch also works flawlessly with Apple HomeKit, Carrier Cor, the Google Assistant, Nest, and many other popular systems.

Price: $99.95
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#9. GE

GE Smart Light Switch for Alexa

The GE dimmer lets you set up, regulate and modify the brightness of any traditionally wired dimmable light in your home from anywhere remote at any time. You can replace the regular wall switch with the GE z-wave certified gateway. You can use this to control clusters of multiple lights to create specific ambient scenes. With the screw terminal installation in place, you get enhanced space efficiency when compared to flying leads.

Price: $44.99
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#10. Wink

Wink provides 4.3” multi-touch screen so that you easily access all your smart accessories using the Wink app. The 2X light switches can be modified to switch lights, scenes, and other products on or off. You get control over temperature, humidity, and even proximity sensors giving you extensive data at your fingertips. This smart switch comfortably replaces most of the existing single and double light switches.

Price: $99.00
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Best Smart Light Switch for Alexa helps you transform your home & your lifestyle into a smart one with a single touch. Which of the smart switches interest you more? Share your thoughts on FacebookTwitter and Google+.

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