Smart home is the most happening arena in the tech world today. This segment is getting a lot of user attention due to the incredible range of things that can be transformed in your home with just the addition of a few simple gadgets. Devices such as the smart plugs or the best Google home compatible light switches completely alter the way you go about things at home.

A Google Home Mini and Google Home compatible smart Light Switch for your home provides safety and security when you are not at home, but they can also help you monitor energy usage and assist in reducing costs on your electricity bills. With major developments in digital and mobile technology, you get to control these Google assistant enabled smart light switches right from a smartphone app or using your voice. To make the decision making easier for you, we have compiled the following list of the top rated smart light switches that works well with google home and google home mini.

Best Smart Light Switches for Google Home, Mini and Google Assistant

Best Google Home Compatible Smart Light Switches (works with Google Home Mini too)

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#1. WeMo WiFi Light Switch

WeMo WiFi Light Switch for Google Home and Google Assitant

The WeMo Wi-Fi light switch is among the best Smart Light Switches for Google Home. This switch utilizes your already existing wireless network to offer total control of your lights from anywhere. There is no need for any special subscription or hub. You can use the free WeMo app for carrying out your tasks or with the Google Assistant pairing, you can have handsfree control using your voice commands.

Price: $46.90
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TP-Link WiFi Enabled Light Switch for Google Home and Google Assitant

With the TP-Link HS200, you get a Google Assistant Compatible Switch that can help you to control not only your lights but also other appliances such as ceiling fans, etc. You can control from anywhere and installing it is extremely easy just like a regular light switch. You can use the Kasa app on your smartphone to access all the controlling features. This Smart Switch works directly with Google Assistant to regulate your devices using Voice Control. Additionally, this device works with any Wi-Fi router without the necessity for a separate hub.

Price: $39.99
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#3. WeMo Dimmer

WeMo Dimmer Light Switch for Google Home and Google Assitant

Another WeMo product on this list, the Dimmer is a great way to set the ambiance of your room and to control the lights from anywhere. It is one of the most versatile Smart Light Switches that works well with Google Home. Using your existing Wi-Fi network, the Dimmer helps to wirelessly take control of your lights. You can use the free WeMo app to get this done or you can use your voice with Google Home. You can set schedules and timers so that your lights come on and off automatically. Like the previous WeMo switch this too does not require a separate hub.

Price: $64.99
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GRESATEK Light Switch for Google Home and Google Assitant

The Gresatek smart switch can be quickly and easily installed to let you gain complete control over your lights, ceiling fans and other appliances. You can use the E-WeLink app to manage the connected appliances with your smartphone of tablet. There is no specific need for a hub or subscription service. You can set schedules and track the amount of energy being utilized. You can also use your voice to control the switch by virtue of its flawless integration with Google Home. You can assign a specific name to each smart switch and then interact with each of them by their name using Google home voice commands.

Price: $25.95
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#5. Qipexeii

Qipexeii Smart Light Switch for Google Home and Google Assitant

This is a Google Home compatible Switch that works great with hands-free voice control as well as when being controlled using the E-Welink app. It helps to get control of your lights and to keep track of the lights to ensure optimum electricity is used. It easily connects to your Wi-Fi without any hub. The installation is smooth and quick by replacing the traditional wall switch with this Qipexeii switch. It comes with an adopted tempered glass touch panel that safe and good looking along with being water proof and fire proof.

Price: $25.00
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#6. Lutron

LUTRON Light Switch for for Google Home and Google Assitant

The Lutron Caseta In-Wall Dimmer kit can be controlled with the remote that comes with it. It is a simple and comfortable way to control your lights from anywhere in your home. The dimmer and remote kit provides you the ability to manage your wall and ceiling lights with just one button remotely. It gives you an excellent dimming performances courtesy of having being designed with Lutron’s industry -leading technology. The Caseta Smart Bridge can be got separately to connect with the Google Assistant system for enabling voice activated control.

Price: $59.95
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#7. iDevices

iDevices Smart Light Swtich Compatible With Google Home and Google Assitant

With the iDevices Connected app, you can ensure that everything in your home can be controlled with this Dimmer switch. You can transform a regular wall switch into a smart switch to customize your suitable ambiance without any kind of flickering while dimming. You can use the Dimmer Switch in a single pole, 3-way or 4-way setup. Along with an added iDevices Dimmer, you will be able to pair the two switches using Bluetooth for a seamless connection. It does not require a hub. It responds to voice commands with the Google Assistant with accuracy for hands-free control.

Price: $99.95
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