Best Smartwatches 2016 Killer Blend of Technology & Elegance

It is good to be spoilt for choices, but not always. When you are planning to buy a smartwatch for yourself or probably for your kids (yeah, they love wearable gadgets), you are bewildered by a long list of smartwatches on any shopping portal. You wish you could browse a carefully chosen list of best smartwatches, from where you can pick up one or two pieces.

However, your kids won’t get enough of these smart wearables. They like to explore more smartwatches and probably ask you for more than one. Brands also play a key role in selection process. We have listed the best smartwatch for teenagers; Apple is obviously the first choice. But others also vie for your attention. So we have taken Apple Watch Series 2, Pebble, Motorola, Samsung Gear S2 and S3, Sony, Fossil, and LG.

An Essential Diversion

Once you get your choice of phone watch, you need to pair it with your smartphone. There are some best smartwatches that can’t work independently; hence users need to pair it with their smartphones.

Best Smartwatches For Teenagers

1. Nixon Mission Smartwatch

Nixon Mission Smartwatch

Adventurous souls can meander through many unexplored terrains. They like to surf, climb mountains, ride bike and more. During their daredevil acts, they need to keep a smartwatch that can measure activities like how much they run, walk or climb. Nixon Mission is by your side, if you an adventure seeker. The watch is touted as the first action sports smartwatch. Whether you are surfing on a roaring ocean or skiing on snow, Nixon Mission is always there to be your partner. This watch is powered by Android Wear and preloaded with smart apps. Moreover, it will send you real time surf and snow shred alerts.

Price: $399.99
Buy it from

2. Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+The “name is enough”. The goodwill of the company is enough to attract the customers. The watch is alliance between Apple and Nike, which is a leading sports brand. What happens when style and fitness come together? It is simple and a wow watch as it gives comfort along with connecting you to the fitness freak running buddies through Nike+ run club, it is your fitness tracker buddy. As per Apple watch’s tendency that is seen in Series 2 models, it is having GPS tracker inbuilt installed in it which would track the speed, distance and route even if the iPhone is not with you. The metrics are easy to read. The watch is waterproof even if in 50 metres. It is durable, light-weight fluoroelastomer as the Apple watch sport band had. The association of Nike is nice as it would reduce the weight and improve the ventilation as row of compression- molded performances.

Price: $555.00
Order it from

3. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Samsung is the household name nowadays and as it carries goodwill, the product by them is always appreciated by people. This unique watch having sporty look is out of the best watch you can ask for. Samsung S3 is always on-watch face and its steel bezel will help you to access apps and notification just by its rotation. It can text, call and get notifications directly from your watch while Bluetooth is connected to the watch, with the built-in speaker and microphone make and answer the calls hands-free easily. Even if you have forgot your wallet, no need to worry at all because you have this smartwatch with which you can make payments, just swipe or tap on your credit card and payment done. This is water resistant along with dust resistant, can deal with the temperatures and even with a drop your Samsung Gear S3 would be safe so you can flaunt it with style. The best feature is , it is habing long battery life and it consist of wireless charger which lets it charge faster and easily.

Price: $348.23
Purchase it from

4. Pebble 2+

Pebble 2 + Heart Rate Smart Watch

What if you get your very own fitness track in your watch? Good deal right. Pebble 2+ is a smartwatch which also acts as your fitness tracker which tracks the steps, runs, calories and long walks. It has the 24*7 heart rate monitor which measures heart rate by taking the pulse rate automatically. Get all notifications, alerts, text, calls, event, snap at the single go. Possess microphone in- built and voice dictation that leads to control the voice actions. It is water resistant up to 30 meters. If you want to have long battery life than this is the correct product as the battery would last up to 7 days. This smartwatch is compatible with iPhone 4S and above versions having iOS 8 and above, and in that of Android devices that run 4.3 version or above and supports Bluetooth LE. Pebble 2+ has the unique feature that it would count all the total Z’s and your deep sleep and will vibrate the smart alarm once you wake up and are getting refreshed all this is tracking the sleep. With this, you can unlock up to 10,000fitness productivity, games, control apps and watch faces. So live the life smartly with this product.

Price: $119.99
Shop it from

5. Garmin Fenix 3 HR

Garmin Fenix 3 HR

The standard packing product by Garmin is available in Gray color. The smart watch is rugged and capable of tracking the fitness along with the GPS installed. It is made from soft and flexible black silicone band that adds feel to resistance with discoloration. Possess 1.2” sunlight visible high-resolution color chroma perfect for the display. The smartwatch is perfect for swimmers, go and enjoy as much as you want; the watch is water resistant up to 100 meters. Usually software update requires time and data connection but Garmin’s smartwatch is having wireless connectivity, as it utilizes one or more hot-spots and synchronizes the data with Garmin connect that would be easy to update the software, so customization of watch field and data fields and provides downloadable apps and widgets. How to track heart beat? Not to worry this amazing smart watch comes with tracking the heart rate data even when you are not wearing the chest strap. Now even while travelling, you need a companion this can be your choice as it comes with altimeter, barometer,3-axis compass and Tracback feature and with that measure your fitness to anywhere and anytime.

Price: $549.99
Buy it from

6. Motorola Moto 360 Sport

Motorola Moto 360 Sport

Motorola Moto 360 coming with the 3 colors: Black, white and flame comes with 300 mAh battery life, 4GB internal memory and Ram8. This is the smartwatch which is durable and comfortable, best for the sports. It would track your device too with the in-built GPS. Words in Android and iOS systems possessing Android above 4.3 versions and iPhones above iOS 8.2, so if you want to install fitness apps than MapMyRun, Strava, Under Armour record are the apps compatible with this. So what are you waiting for, track your steps, runs, calories a complete fitness tracker. The light of this watch is amazing that has hybrid display made from the Gorilla Glass 3 which helps you to read indoors and outdoors. While travelling if your phone gets switch off and you want to operate your email or apps not to worry with this Motorola Moto 360, it gets easy to stay connected. The watch has button-free voice control; it is water resistant up to 3 feet with that of wireless charging so easy charging anywhere. In case you forgot your way, just tell your watch and it will guide you the way through its navigation system.

Price: $183.59
Order it from

7. ASUS Zenwatch3

ASUS ZenWatch 3

ASUS has been also famous for its other electronic brand when such company comes with the smartwatch, people are bound to consider and see the feature right. The design is detail-focused, luxurious watch and made from high quality materials. It also provides the customizable design that you can select and opt as per your convenience. This smart watch is alliance with Google, and powered by Android Wear. The ASUS Zenwatch is made from stainless steel to give it classy look with that of leather belts. The watch is easy to operate, with that of consuming 25% less energy as it is powered by latest Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor. This has all together new feature that of Eco-mode that instantly helps in extending the battery life by more than 200% and you can also activate do not disturb mode in case you don’t want to get notifications. This device is having convenient magnetic charging connector and will charge the battery faster i.e. 60% in just 15 minutes. The Wi-Fi is inbuilt that would connect as per the range and it is water resistant up to 1 meter. So enjoy making calls, hearing voice messages, notifications just by single button click.

Price: $229.99
Shop it from

8. Sony

Sony Best Smartwatch 2016

Sony brings an amazing waterproof smartwatch with a powerful battery. This is one of the best features installed in the Sony smartwatch. You can easily use this watch for two days without charging it. It is powered by Android Wear, therefore, you can use apps for everything. Get notifications, use voice commands and explore its stand-alone functions like themes, timer/stopwatch, and night/silent mode. Appreciate its black classic band and ability to protect itself against water.

Price: $119.99
Purchase it from

9. Casio

Casio Best Smartwatch 2016

Casio presents a smartwatch for fitness aficionados. The feature that exercise lovers appreciate is that they can easily operate their iPhone’s music player with the smartwatch. Users can easily play or stop songs using the buttons on watch. Moreover, users can also adjust the volume and jump tracks. Take this watch on your summer vacation and dive into sea waters. The watch is water resistant to 100 meters; this means snorkelling and swimming are more fun.

Price: $59.94
Buy it from

10. Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

Samsung Gear S2 Best Smartwatch 2016

Samsung Gear S2 is one of the best Android wear smartwatches that can impress all eyes. Take a look at its elegant curves and premium profile. Apple made a feeble attempt to break the notion that smartwatches have to be rectangle. This Samsung Gear S2 confirms that smartwatches don’t have to be rectangle in shape. Without wasting your time, you can easily lay your hands on things important to you. In your efforts, circular interface and rotating bezel can certainly help you. Give your Samsung Gear S2 a glance and it will obediently show you important notifications, texts, and updates.

Price: $249.00
Purchase it from

11. Motorola Moto 360

Motorola Moto 360 Best Smartwatch 2016

Motorola Moto 360 watch is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. This Moto watch works on the principles of healthy relationship, which requires space. And therefore, this watch streamlines your smartphone life by providing information that is essential to you. This obviously gives you more time to do things you love. Updates on this watch are not interruptive; you can stay connected and get messages, news, weather alerts and other info without having to check your phone often. Its design can impress all eyes with its edge-to-edge glass and thin bezel.

Price: $319.00
Shop it from

12. LG Watch Urbane Wearable Smart Watch

LG Best Smartwatch 2016

A smartwatch should be the watch first and not a computer wrapped around your wrist. LG has successfully imparted this notion to its Urbane wearable smart watch. The smartwatch immediately grabs your attention with its stylish external profile. Inside the watch, there is innovation that impresses you. Measure your heart rate continuously and sync the watch with sensors and applications for real time health and fitness information. The watch has environmental biosensors help you detect barometric pressure and gyroscopic movements. Enjoy music stored in the internal memory of the watch, which can be connected with any Bluetooth device.

Price: $195.00
Order it from

13. Huawei

Huawei Best Smartwatch 2016

Huawei smartwatch combines luxury and technology. The two qualities impress both – technophiles and luxury lovers. It creates a strong fashion statement as it underplays the role of a smartphone for your wrist. Since Huawei has highlighted elegant craftsmanship, the smartwatch quickly gains reputation among the upper echelon of tech geeks, who have to carry a corporate image with them. The watch is made of high quality materials lie scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, cold-forged stainless steel cases and fine leather. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices; get notifications on its 400×400 display and personalize more than 4000 apps. Choose different watch faces to pair with multiple social and corporate events.

Price: $191.00
Buy it from

14. Fossil

Fossil Best Smartwatch 2016

Fossil smartwatch is built on four important pillars: Notifications, Activity, Customization, and Apps. Appreciate its always-on display that helps you see who is calling, texting or emailing. This smartwatch is powered by Android Wear. Track your everyday fitness regimen in detail, like steps, distance and calories burned. Use interchangeable straps customizable watch face designs that match with your mood and occasions. Connect your iPhone or Android phone with this watch through Android Wear companion app. Now you can receive notifications on your wrist.

Price: $191.99
Purchase it from

Since your teenage son or daughter is not mature enough to take care of the smartwatch, you need to ensure the protection and safety of that gadget.

Apple and Samsung are bigger brands than others listed; therefore, your kids would certainly insist that you buy a smartwatch of Apple or Samsung. If that is the case, you should also protect the smartwatch with essential accessories like Apple Watch Series 2 bands, Apple Watch Series 2 cases, and Apple Watch Series 2 screen protectors.

For Samsung smartwatches, you can select Samsung Gear S3 bands and Samsung Gear S3 screen protectors.

Smartwatches are now essential devices to stay connected with your business and personal life. Do you own a smartwatch? You can share your feedback with us on  Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

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