It is good to be spoilt for choices, but not always. When you are planning to buy the best smartwatch for yourself or probably for your teenage boy or girl (yeah, kids love wearable gadgets), you are bewildered by a long list of new smartwatches on any shopping portal. You wish you could browse a carefully chosen list of smartwatches, from where you can pick up the best smartwatch for teenagers.

However, teenagers won’t get enough of these smart wearables. They like to explore more smartwatches and probably ask you for more than one. Brands also play a key role in the selection process. We have listed the best smartwatch for teenagers; Apple is obviously the first choice. But others also vie for your attention. So we have taken Apple Watch Series 3, Pebble, Motorola, Fitbit Iconic, Samsung Gear S3 and Gear Sport, Huawei, Fossil, and LG. Go ahead, and buy the top-rated smartwatch for your teenage rebel!

An Essential Diversion

Once you get your choice of phone watch, you need to pair it with your smartphone. There are some best smartwatches for teens boys and girls that can’t work independently; hence users need to pair it with their smartphones. Explore this list if you are looking for best smartwatch for kids.

Best Smartwatches 2018 Killer Blend of Technology & Elegance

Best Smartwatches For Teenagers

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#1. Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3 for Teenagers

Apple Watch 3 is the latest premium smartwatch from Apple. The watch allows for an electronic SIM, so you can stay connected with your loved ones even if you mistakenly left your phone at home. You can make calls as well as send text messages through the watch alone.

Apart from this, the watch can stream music, set reminders, and fetch notifications from all your favorite apps. You can also hit the waves with the smartwatch as it comes with water resistance technology that can keep your device safe even if it is submerged 50m underwater. Other utilities of the watch include Heart Rate Sensor, Altimeter, Accelerometer, and Gyroscope.

Price: $499.88
Buy it from Amazon

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#2. Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

Fitbit Iconi Smartwatch for Teens

The Fitbit Ionic smartwatch offers a dynamic personalized solution for your workout sessions. It can give you on-screen guidance for every workout and also recommend effective routines based on your feedback.

The other feature of the watch is its ability to store over 300 songs as well as the ability to download more tracks from Pandora. You will also be able to get real-time stats through the built-in GPS and GLONASS. Apart from this, the watch is capable of tracking your heart rate, calories burned, sleep tracking, delivering notifications, and much more. The built-in battery also lasts for more than four days on full charge.

Price: $269.95
Order it from Amazon

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#3. Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch

Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch for Teen

And now we come to Samsung’s offering to the smartphone market. This one comes with all important goodies we have come to expect from smartwatches by now. For example, it can keep track of your day to day calorie burning, receive calls and text messages, and deliver all necessary notifications.

The watch is also compatible with many Android apps, and is Samsung Pay NFC compatible – so you can make payments with your wrist with just a tap. It is also very well built and comes water resistant up to 50 meters underwater.

Price: $267.99
Shop it from Amazon

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#4. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Samsung needs no instruction. The brand name speaks volumes about company’s product range and excellent services. This unique watch has sporty look and is one of the best new smartwatches you can ask for. Samsung S3 has always on-watch face and its steel bezel will help you to access apps and notifications just by its rotation. You can send text, make calls, and get notifications directly from your watch while Bluetooth is connected to the watch. With the built-in speaker and microphone make and answer the calls hands-free easily. Even if you have forgotten your wallet, no need to worry at all because you have got a smartwatch that can help you make payments, just swipe or tap on your credit card and payment is done.

Price: $325.23
Purchase it from Amazon

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#5. Pebble 2+

Pebble 2 + Heart Rate Smart Watch

What if you get your very own fitness tracker in your watch? Good deal right? Pebble 2+ is one of the top smartwatches which also acts as your fitness tracker to track the steps, runs, calories and long walks. It has the 24 x 7 heart rate monitor which measures heart rate by taking the pulse rate automatically. Get all notifications, alerts, text, calls, events, and snaps at the single go. This smartwatch has built-in microphone and voice dictation that leads to control the voice actions. It is water resistant up to 30 meters. If you want to have long battery life then this is the correct product as its battery would last up to 7 days.

Price: $89.95
Buy it from Amazon

#6. Nixon Mission Smartwatch

Nixon Mission Smartwatch

Adventurous souls can meander through many unexplored terrains. They like to surf, climb mountains, ride bike and more. During their daredevil acts, they need to keep the best smartwatch that can measure activities like how much they run, walk or climb. Nixon Mission is by your side, if you an adventure seeker. The watch is touted as the first action sports smartwatch. Whether you are surfing on a roaring ocean or skiing on snow, Nixon Mission is always there to be your partner. This watch is powered by Android Wear and preloaded with smart apps. Moreover, it will send you real time surf and snow shred alerts.

Price: $400.00
Shop it from Amazon

#7. Garmin vívoactive HR GPS Smart Watch

Garmin Android Wear Smartwatch

The Garmin vivoactive smartwatch comes with all the perks you expect from a smartwatch. It has an elevated wrist heart technology which monitors your heart rate for the entire day and night without the need for any necessary strap. However, it will not give you heart rate indications while you are swimming. The device comes with a 5 ATM water rating.

Other features of the smartwatch include GPS, sunlight readability, and a high-resolution color touch screen. This is a regular fit smartwatch and can wrap around any wrist size between 5.39 inches and 7.68 inches.

Price: $147.86
Order it from Amazon

#8. LG Watch Sport Unlocked GSM

LG Sport SmartWatch

The LG smartwatch also allows you put in a SIM card and send text messages as well as make phone calls. It comes with “Ok Google” enabled – a functionality which you can use to do all the things you use a phone for. The device is also IP68 water resistant and dust resistant. Internally, it is powered by a 1.1 GHz snapdragon processor which is powerful enough to handle all the things you throw at it. Bluetooth and Wi-fi capabilities are also present in the smartwatch.

Price: $214.90
Purchase it from Amazon

#9. LG Watch Style [Specially for Girls/Womens]

LG SmartWatch for Women

Here is another watch from LG with Android wear 2.0. However, this one is compatible with both Android as well as iOS. Design wise it has a 42.3mm stainless Steel circular casing. The band is made of genuine leather. The watch is also IP67 certified which means you can take showers or swim with the watch and it will not be damaged. Google Assistant is also built into the watch, and you can activate it seamlessly by saying “OK Google.”

Price: $149.99
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#10. Huawei Watch 2 Classic

Huawei Watch 2 for Teens

The Huawei Watch 2 also has a built-in workout coach which offers real-time guidance and workout data. Functionality wise, it is compatible with a host of applications and can deliver your notifications seamlessly, comes with a built-in GPS and heart rate monitor. The Watch is also highly durable thanks to its stainless steel built and a two-layer strap made from rubber and leather. Battery life is also a high point for the watch as it can last as long as three weeks on watch mode, and two days if smart power saving mode is turned on.

Price: $219.99
Order it from Amazon

#10. Motorola Moto 360 Sport

Motorola Moto 360 Sport

Motorola Moto 360 is available in 3 different colors: Black, white and flame. The best smartwatch is powered by 300 mAh battery life, 4GB internal memory and 512MB RAM. This is the smartwatch which is durable and comfortable, best for the sports. It would track your device too with the in-built GPS. The watch works with Android and iOS systems possessing Android above 4.3 versions and iPhones above iOS 8.2, so you can install fitness apps like MapMyRun, Strava, Under Armour record etc. So what are you waiting for, track your steps, runs, calories a complete fitness tracker.

Price: $198.88
Shop it from Amazon

#11. ASUS Zenwatch 3

ASUS ZenWatch 3

Asus smartwatch for teenager has a design that is detail-focused, and therefore, users get a luxurious watch made from high quality materials. It also provides the customizable design that you can select and opt as per your convenience. This smart watch is alliance with Google, and powered by Android Wear. The ASUS Zenwatch is made from stainless steel to give it classy look with that of leather belts. The watch is easy to operate, with that of consuming 25% less energy as it is powered by latest Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor.

Price: $399.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#12. Casio

Casio Best Smartwatch 2016

Casio presents one of the top smartwatches for fitness aficionados. The feature that exercise lovers appreciate is that they can easily operate their iPhone’s music player with the smartwatch. Users can easily play or stop songs using the buttons on watch. Moreover, users can also adjust the volume and jump tracks. Take this watch on your summer vacation and dive into sea waters. The watch is water resistant to 100 meters; this means snorkelling and swimming are more fun.

Price: $82.50
Buy it from Amazon

#13. Motorola Moto 360

Motorola Moto 360 Best Smartwatch 2016

Motorola Moto 360 watch is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. This best smartwatch works on the principles of healthy relationship, which requires space. And therefore, this watch streamlines your smartphone life by providing information that is essential to you. This obviously gives you more time to do things you love. Updates on this watch are not interruptive; you can stay connected and get messages, news, weather alerts and other info without having to check your phone often. Its design can impress all eyes with its edge-to-edge glass and thin bezel.

Price: $375.00
Shop it from Amazon

#14. Fossil Gen 2 Smartwatch

Fossil Smartwatch for Teenager

For the last smartwatch on the list, we have the Fossil Gen 2. It allows for all the things that signify a smartwatch. You will be able to control a lot of applications as well as receive notifications from others. The watch is also fully compatible with music streaming apps like Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud and the lot so that you can always be in touch with your favorite tracks.

There is also activity tracking which you can use to track how many steps you walked as well as the calories burned. There are plenty of customizable watch faces and interchangeable straps as well. There is also a built-in microphone which you can use for taking calls or a host of other tasks.

Price: $249.99
Order it from Amazon

Since your teenage son or daughter is not mature enough to take care of the smartwatch, you need to ensure the protection and safety of that gadget.

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