Best Social Media Contest Apps & Tools: Engage Your Audience with Brands You Promote

Your social media campaign for the brand you are associated with takes in multiple social media management tools and strategies. Among them, social media contests gather momentum as it engages many users and followers. Thankfully, social media has grown from likes and sharing to real engagement, wherein users interact with brands and brand promoters.

This list of social media contest apps gives you an opportunity to create unique contests around your product or service and make your campaign successful. A major benefit of social media contest apps is that you don’t need to learn coding or web designing to launch your contest.

Best Social Media Contest Apps & Tools Engage Your Audience with Brands You Promote

Best Social Media Contest Apps & Tools

#1. Heyo

Heyo helps you create sweepstakes, contests and campaigns you can publish on mobile, Facebook and other websites. Create and publish contests like a professional as Heyo takes all the pain of coding and designing. The contests you create are by default optimized for every device; this means your target audience can connect with your brands no matter which screen he is using. Use Heyo’s ready-made templates and convert your users into customers.

#2. WooBox

Woobox is arguably the best social media contest tool in the list as it integrates 21 different ways to engage with your target consumers. Apart from marketing apps, Woobox also offers its services for Facebook ads. You can embed the tool anywhere on smartphone, desktop computer, WordPress or Facebook. This tool is primarily used to grow email subscribers, spread your marketing messages, keep fans easy and own your fanbase.

#3. Shortstack

Shortstack has categorized its services into three major sections: Small business, Agency, and Enterprise. You can build your social media marketing campaigns, promote the campaigns anywhere, manage millions of followers and integrate Shortstack with other platforms. Launch social media photo contest and video contests to increase engagement and drive more traffic. Moreover, you can run polls and surveys to gauge customers’ psychography.

#4. Wishpond

Like Woobox, Wishpond also offers multiple tools to launch your social media contest. The better part of this tool is that it offers a good selection of templates for running social media contests and campaigns. Moreover, after launching contests, you can run ads or execute other marketing programs. Wishpond gives you publishing options like Facebook, Website and mobile. For social media integrations, you can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

#5. AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse is a popular social media management tool to create unique contest ideas and share it on different social channels. This is a bit costlier tool that other listed in this article; however, AgoraPulse offers social media monitoring facility once your contest and campaign are published on any channel. You can launch sweepstakes, photo contest, quiz, instant win, and coupon with the help of AgoraPulse.

#6. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is everywhere. Whether it is a list of content marketing tools or social media writing tools, Hootsuite is there without fail. Social media marketers use Hootsuite primarily for generating lead and growing audience with social media campaigns. Hootsuite offers five major tools: photo contest, video contest, essay contest, quiz, and poll.

#7. Rafflecopter

Rafflecopter is the easiest way to run giveaway. You can integrate any brand, any website with Rafflecopter for as much as you want. And for all this, you don’t need to be an IT geek. To create a giveaway for your brand or website, you have to spend just 3 minutes. Appreciate its advanced theming that allows you to be creative to match with your brand or occasion.

#8. Pagemodo

Pagemodo allows you to create highly engaging Facebook ads that ensure more clicks and conversion too. Its intuitive design studio helps you create ad, which can be shown with simplified targeting tools. Apart from creating ads, Pagemodo is an awesome tool to customize your Facebook business page. Launch photo contests, video and essay contests, trivia questions and games.

#9. Constant Contact

Your target audience is using Facebook extensively. But how would you invite them to experience your brand? Constant Contact helps you create sweepstakes, coupon or downloadable content your customers will love to use. A professional-looking page with awesome offers is your way to attract customers. This tool is the one that allows you to promote your campaigns with email and social media.

#10. Binkd

Binked is probably the only social media contest app that has categorized its services in four sections: small business, mid-size business, large brands, and enterprise. The last one gives you unlimited access to everything including campaigns, entries, followers and brands. Kick start all your contests and measure the effectiveness of the same.

Considering the present scenario of social media marketing, these tools are essential to promote your business. Initially, you can use the free version and then go for the premium version. And don’t forget to share your feedback with us on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

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