Best Solar Power Bank for iPhone and Android: Utilize Natural Resources to Power Up Smartphones

Solar energy is definitely a resource, which could further be put to usage in different ways. While so many industries are taking advantage of solar power, digital gadgets never want to lag behind. Many smartphone accessories makers took initiative and manufactured best solar power bank that can charge your smartphones.

So, here we have listed some of the best solar power bank for iPhone and Android which not only promise product satisfaction and 100% utility but also enable you to move towards utilising natural resources effectively. Take a look at backpacking solar phone chargers given below and buy the top solar power bank for your mobile phone.

Best Solar Power Bank for iPhone and Android

Best Solar Power Bank for iPhone and Android

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iPowerHouse FKANT
Hiluckey GRDE
ToHLo Foreverrise

#1. iPowerHouse

iPowerHouse solar phone charger

Made from environment friendly material, iPower’s solar phone charger can charge your device up to 4 times. It has built-in LED flashlight, SOS light and caution light to enable you to use in a least visibility atmosphere. It has an indicator for the remaining battery where green light indicates that the sunlight is sharing the built-in solar panel. You can carry it along and use wherever you like including your road trips, air travels, camping etc. It is not only dustproof & waterproof but also features anti-shock properties to keep your device safe from excessive heat up, over-current, etc.

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#2. Hiluckey

Hiluckey solar phone charger

With a high capacity of 10000 mAh, Hiluckey’s solar power bank for backpacking has a lithium battery with a built-in solar panel which uses sunlight to charge the battery; hence you can charge your device and charge the battery at the same time while you are outdoors. It is extremely lightweight and ensures fast efficient charging by delivering optimal charge current depending on the device. It has three LED indicators which could be put to multiple uses like an emergency and distress signal, battery indicator, a torch light, etc. Additionally, the manufacturer offers 18 months warranty, a micro USB cable and a user manual to make it even more convenient for you.

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#3. DizauL

Dizaul solar phone charger

Available in four different colors including black, blue, green and yellow, this lightweight and portable solar charger promises to match the utility and style statement. The product is made from eco-friendly silicone rubber and PC material which keeps it dust proof, water proof and shock proof. It has a capacity of 5000 mAh and is compatible with almost all the smartphones and iPhones which make it accessible universally. Its dual USB ports are safeguarded by rubber caps, ensuring multi-layer protection from water splash. Some of its other features include emergency flashlight and smart LED indicators.

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#4. ToHLo

ToHLo solar phone charger

If you are looking for a high capacity solar powered phone charger, ToHLo’s 15000 mAh equipped lithium battery could serve your purpose. Its bigger solar panel helps you to charge the battery through direct sunlight in case of emergency situations. It has dual USB output ports, hence you can charge 2 devices at the same time. The solar phone charger is resistant to water splash, dust particles, sudden shocks in addition to three LED light which features floodlight, quick flash and SOS distress signal. In case, you want your solar charger to be ready quickly, use a wall charger to activate the battery and speed up the process.

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#5. Titita

Titita solar phone charger

Solar cell phone charger with three USB ports is portable yet powerful product which charges multiple devices at the same time. It has built-in 21 LED lights which can act as a lantern when stuck in unforeseen dark environment or out for camping etc. You can charge the panel while travelling in sunlight, however please be mindful of the fact that solar charging is limited and is mainly for topping off the unit; do charge it fully by a USB cable before travelling and hiking. It also features power control and flash light switches.

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FKANT solar phone charger

One of the best solar power bank for backpacking, FKANT’s solar phone charger is powered with 15000 mAh capacity can a life saver whilst you are travelling and are in outdoors. It has dual outputs, one with 1A USB port for your iPhone, smartphones and other electronic devices, whereas you can use 2A USB port for iPads and tablets. It has four built-in LED lights to indicate battery status and protects your devices from excessive current, heat and short circuit. The power bank comes with a charging cable and a user manual for easy installation and usage, hence making your experience effortless.

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#7. GRDE

GRDE solar phone charger

Solar phone charger with high efficiency sun powered panel, this product has a capacity as high as 15000 mAh with a bigger solar panel which automatically starts charging while exposed to sunlight. It has dual USB ports, so that you can charge 2 devices at the same time yet ensuring that the charging speed is consistent for both the devices. There are 4 integrated LED lights to reflect power status and another 6 LED light for using it as a torch. Compatible with all the smartphones and electronic devices with 5V USB ports which makes it universally acceptable.

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X-DRAGON solar phone charger

One of the best solar power bank for for backpacking with 3 piece solar panels to absorb solar energy from every source possible. There is a built-in smart IC chip for each of the USB port, which charges 2 devices simultaneously; the charge automatically detects the device and maximizes its charging speed. It is lightweight due to its compact design and provides complete protection from water, dust and shock which makes it preferable for wide range of activities like travel, hiking, road trips, camping and many more. Its LED light has three modes including Steady, Strobe and SOS.

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#9. Foreverrise

Foreverrise solar phone charger

High quality polymer battery with a capacity of 15000 mAh ensures 100% safety for your device and is capable of water proof and drop resistance. It features a solar panel, USB cable, dual USB ports, input interface, integrated LED lights, UV lamp for SOS situations and a switch button to turn on or off the LED light. It is compatible with all the USB devices and in case of any possible risk of short circuit or current issues, the power automatically goes off.

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So which solar phone charger are you going to order now from the list of best solar power bank for iPhone and Android? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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