Best Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Accessories : Enhance Your Game Play Experience

PlayStation 4 Pro is the latest product from Sony Interactive Entertainment. This new video game console has got some enriched features to make your gaming experience more exciting, interesting and adventurous. Users can now enjoy the all new gaming world with superior graphics and rich visuals; the new PlayStation 4 Pro is compatible with all PS4 games.

The powerful PlayStation 4 Pro needs equally sound accessories. We present you the best Sony PlayStation 4 Pro accessories to make your gaming world more thrilling.

Best Accessories for PS4 Pro

#1. PlayStation 4 Pro Camera

PS4 Pro Camera

PS4 Pro camera allows you to broadcast yourself in play. Add a picture-in-picture video of yours in game play live streams to become a hero in community. The camera helps you log in and explore the PlayStation 4 by facial recognition and voice commands technology.

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#2. POWER A Charge and Display Station for PlayStation VR

Charge & Display Station for PlayStation 4 Pro VR

This charge and display station is manufactured with the help of PlayStation’s VR team; this gives safety and security to the PS VR headset and you can display it proudly. The product has got official license from Sony for PlayStation VR. It charges one Dualshock 4 controller and 2 PlayStation Move motion controllers.

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#3. PlayStation 4 Pro Vertical Stand

PlayStation 4 Pro Vertical Stand

Give your PlayStation 4 Pro a firm support with this PS4 Pro slim vertical stand. This product is precisely designed to fit the latest PlayStation CECH-7000 model. Its mounting mechanism and non-slip fit provide robust protection to your PS4 Pro.

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#4. Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Black Carbon Fiber Skin Protector

Skin Protector for PS4 Pro

Protect your PlayStation 4 Pro with military shield black carbon fiber film PS4 Pro screen protector. This HD clear and extremely thin skin protector precisely fits on the curves of your device. You can easily apply its flexible material, which is made for maximum coverage on all corners and edges of your device. Since the skin protector is made of military grade material, it is scratch-proof and tough; moreover, it doesn’t fade over a period of time.

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#5. PlayStation 4 Pro Platinum Wireless Headset

PlayStation 4 Pro Platinum Wireless Headset

Powered by superior 3D audio technology, this platinum wireless PS4 Pro headset gives you a rich, surround sound experience during the game play. Some PS4 games support 3D audio; if you are playing such games, you can listen to and feel an incredibly rich audio experience. The surround sound comes from all directions, including above and blow you. You can connect this wireless headset with your PlayStation and computer as well.

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#6. SUNKY – Dual PS4 / PS4 Slim Pro Console Fast Charging Station Stand

Sony PS4 Pro Fast Charging Station Stand

The best PS4 charging station is designed for Microsoft PS4 controller. This PS4 controller charging dock allows gamers to charge up to two PS4 controllers simultaneously without having to sync them to the PS4 controller system. It boasts 5V output with 200 to 400mAh; you can charge two PlayStation 4 Pro controllers within 4 hours. Moreover, you can keep an eye on charge status with the help of dual colored LED light indicator.

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#7. PS4 Pro 4K Travel Case Carrying Bag

PS4 Pro 4K Travel Case Carrying Bag

USA Gear presents a travel case for your PlayStation 4 Pro. Now you can carry your PlayStation with essential accessories during your travels. The bag is made of strong nylon fabric; its toughened base and scratch-resistant padded interior gives protection to your PlayStation 4 Pro. This bag boasts two primary accessory compartments with adjustable dividers. You can store some smaller accessories in two external pockets.

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#8. ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro TR for PlayStation 4

ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Headset for PS4 Pro

This latest ASTRO A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro TR offers great user customization to adjust to any surroundings. Change the A40 TR from an open-back to a closed-back noise cancelling headset by exchanging components like speaker tags, microphone and ear cushions.

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#9. DualShock 4 Wireless Controller

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PS4 Pro

Control the game on PS4 Pro with a wireless controller manufactured by Sony. To make your gaming experience smoother, Sony has crafted analog sticks and trigger buttons with better shape and sensitivity. One of the glaring features of this product is its sharing button, which allows you to share some of the memorable moments easily. Now you can upload or live stream your game play videos and screenshots directly from your system; while doing this, you don’t need to disturb the game in progress.

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#10. Power A DualShock 4 Controller Charging Station

PowerA DualShock 4 Controller Charging Station for PlayStation 4

Another dual shock PS4 controller charging station, but this time, it is from BD&A. This product charges up to two dualshock 4 controllers at the same time. This means, you should not be worried about running out of battery. You can charge up your controllers via an AC adapter.

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