Best Thanksgiving Apps for iPhone and Android: Plan Your Vacation the Modern Way

We are nearing the Thanksgiving season and with the annual holiday date coming closer, planning for vacation travel becomes all the more important. With modern mobile technology being the backbone of most of our daily tasks, we now have some pretty interesting travel and planning apps to spend quality time with our family on thanksgiving. There are different Thanksgiving apps for iPhone and also a number of Thanksgiving apps for Android to help you do a variety of tasks for holiday preparations.

Most people will be looking to book flights, pre-book grocery stuff and food and this can be done from the comfort of your smartphone. There are many great Thanksgiving Apps for free that help you make the most out of these consumer holidays with your friends and families. With these apps, planning for the upcoming Thanks giving shouldn’t be a problem despite the schedules being overridden with travel and dinner plans. Here is our list of the best thanksgiving apps for enabling you to have a great holiday.

Best Thanksgiving Apps for iPhone and Android

1. Skyscanner

SkyscannerThe Skyscanner app for iOS and Android is great for searching, comparing and purchasing cost-effective flight tickets with ease. It provides quick and free instant search for a number of flights from various different airlines assisting you to make the most optimum arrangements matching your travel needs. Additional useful features include price alerts, refined search, seamless experience and frequent flyer miles.

Download Skyscanner on iOS | Download Skyscanner on Android

2. SnipSnap

SnipSnapTraveling and entertaining your family during the Thanksgiving holiday can be an expensive affair. You have a number of items to take care of including the turkey, wine, traveling and much more. SnipSnap is a sensible method to get some relief from a few of these expenses. Using this app you can snap photos of printed coupons or digitally store them in the app for later use rather than filling your wallet with hand-cut coupon. You can simply show your phone at the shops to redeem these coupons or digital vouchers.

Download SnipSnap on iOS | Download SnipSnap on Android

3. Any.Do

Any.doOne of the most useful Thanksgiving iOS apps that is also available on Android, Any.DO is a wonderful little productivity app that help you to organize and complete priority tasks. You can use it during the hectic thanksgiving time to assemble your packing list, compile your grocery purchase and keep tabs on other holiday tasks. It is a free app with no limitations and has a simple, uncluttered design that makes using this a breeze. It also supports speech detection in multiple languages.

Download Any.Do on iOS | Download Any.Do on Android

4. Instacart

InstacartGrocery shopping on thanksgiving can be a tough job by itself and when it gets heaped up on top of other responsibilities like mixing, planning, cooking, etc., it becomes all the more overwhelming. Utilizing one of the handiest Thanksgiving iPhone apps on sale, Instacart, you can now hire a trustworthy stranger to do it for you. Just choose what items you prefer and it will be delivered to you directly from the local grocery stores. Just get hold of your smartphone and download Instacart and you’re done.

Download Instacart on iOS | Download Instacart on Android

5. Butterball Cookbook Plus

Butterball Cookbook PlusIf you are looking for holiday recipes and tips especially for appetizers, salads, entrees and desserts and also trying to share these with friends then look no further than the Butterball Cookbook Plus app. This app has a very useful cooking calculator that ensures accurate thawing and cooking timings for your thanksgiving meals. You can also verify the nutritional information and serving sizes for staying health conscious even during heavy meals.

Download Butterball on iOS | Download Butterball on Android

6. AllRecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes Dinner SpinnerThis is yet another wonderful app to find some of the best recipes. With a huge database of user-submitted recipes marked with star ratings and user comments this app gives a lot of great ideas for thanksgiving meal. You can simply put in the ingredients that you have with you or anything you wish to keep out and this app will shows the recipes that fit your requirements.

Download AllRecipes on iOS | Download AllRecipes on Android

7. Hello Vino

Hello VinoFood and wine make a thanksgiving occasion great. With the Hello Vino app, you can now match your favorite pinot to suit your thanksgiving dinner. No matter whether you go for a traditional way of dinner or deep-frying the turkey or making some dynamic new recipe, this app has a personal wine assistant feature that makes sure the wine is perfect for your dinner.

Download Hello Vino on iOS | Download Hello Vino on Android

8. Delectable

Delectable WinesAnother great wine matching app, Delectable makes sure that you be an impressive host by serving the best wine for the occasion and the feast. It provides expert pairing recommendations and user shared reviews that help you choose just the right wine for your holiday dinner table. This app’s social media capabilities are truly fantastic, making this holiday all the more appreciative for your efforts.

Download Delectable on iOS | Download Delectable on Android

9. Spotify

Spotify MusicSpotify is already a very popular music app, but what does this have to do with thanksgiving? It sure does by belting out upbeat tunes for tuning up the beat while prepping your food to more sober background music during the dinner feast. Spotify has a whole range of music genre to match varied tastes. You can put anything from contemporary blends to eclectic mix of songs suiting your guests.

Download Spotify on iOS | Download Spotify on Android

10. Family Feud 2

Family Feud 2Playing Family Feud is a great way to spend holiday time with family. Spending a long time with family members in enclosed spaces may not be such a great idea. Instead you can create a friendly competition by challenging your relatives with Family feud 2 app. This app is based on the famous TV show and the game sets you up for competing in quick matches or tournaments with up to 8 players. This is a great way to spend quality family time without getting into real quarrels.

Download Family Feud on iOS | Download Family Feud on Android

Using our selection of apps plan your Thanksgiving holiday in advance to celebrate and have fun filled moments with your family & friends. If you know other such exciting thanksgiving apps do let us know. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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