Best Trivia Games for iPhone to Stimulate Your Brain in 2017

iPhone trivia games are the best way to kill your time or if you feel unexcited about something, these popular iPhone games can stimulate your brain. In year 2017, you may not find time to play games following work pressure; but you can download these best iPhone games for your kids, who would enjoy these mind-blowing trivia games during the long summer break.

We have listed some iOS trivia games for your kids. Well, the title doesn’t stop you from playing your favourite trivia games for iPhone. Download all or a select few on your iPhone or iPad and play free trivia games to your heart’s content. The games boast the best interface and therefore, they capture your attention for long time. In other words, they are unputdownable.

Best Trivia Games for iPhone

Best Trivia Games

#1. Trivia Crack
Trivia CrackIf you love question-answer format, Trivia Crack is your game. Get hundreds of thousands of questions that will excite your mind. Squeeze your nerves to answer each question that will boggle your mind. Apart from default questions, you can also create questions in the Factory. Enjoy this game in more than 20 language options.

Download Trivia Crack

#2. QuizUp
QuizUpQuizUp is a multiplayer game, where you can connect with other players to create a community of like-minded gamers. It is a sort of social media app, where you can discover like-minded people. Discover people based on their age, location and interest. Once you find a person with similar interests, you can start conversation with him or start a discussion on the topics of common interests.

Download QuizUp

#3. Jeopardy
JeopardyJeopardy is america’s favourite quiz game, which has come straight from the famous TV show hosted by Johnny Gilbert. The game offers you many chances to satiate your hunger to have more knowledge on topics like pop culture, history, sports, travel etc. You can play this game in a single player mode or invite your family on the same Wi-Fi network or use Pass and Play mode.

Download Jeopardy

#4. Sports Jeopardy
Sports JeopardySo you think you are a sports freak? Test your knowledge of sports by playing this trivia game on your iOS device. Sports Jeopardy gives you an opportunity to show knowledge of NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, MLS, UFC, College sports and many more categories. The game also boasts a smarter social multiplayer game play. You can connect your FB account to invite your friends to join this bandwagon or if you are a lone wolf, play games against random players.

Download Sports Jeopardy

#5. TriviaBurst
TriviaBurstExplore more than 70,000 questions slotted into 30 categories. TriviaBurst offers single player and multiplayer game play; this means you can challenge your friends and frenemies in a head to head rounds. Get your bragging rights by competing with friends for higher scores. You can test your trivia knowledge with the world; and don’t bother about saving scores as the game has built-in leader boards to keep track of your scores.

Download TriviaBurst

#6. MovieCat 2
MovieCat 2MovieCat 2 is sequel to MovieCat. The latest one is packed with more than one thousand text and visual puzzles to challenge your mind. The developers of the game have smartly linked your favourite movies and the game play. Retaining the favourite puzzles of first part (Double Feature, Screening Room, Dressing Room, Cat Chat etc.), this MovieCat 2 has some new entrants like Prop Art, Rhyme Time, Classics, and Details.

Download MovieCat 2

#7. SongPop
SongPopIf you love to play song cycle, you would enjoy this game. This award-winning game is music lovers’ delight as it allows them to challenge their friends or play with other music fans. You can listen to songs from more than 300 genres and then you have to identify artists of songs. And you have to do this before your friend does. You can explore more songs, more playlists and show your knowledge of songs.

Download SongPop

#8. Sporcle
SporcleChallenge yourself every day with a new quiz. Sporcle makes your iOS device a treasure trove of trivia with thousands of questions. Check your knowledge of history, literature, geography, sports, movies, television and more. Keep your kids busy for hours together during long holidays in summer. Take a sneak peek into the questionnaire of Sporcle: name the countries of Europe, name all US presidents, and name all the movies made by Pixar studio.

Download Sporcle

#9. Quizoid
QuizoidYou just can’t miss this opportunity. 9000 questions, 17 domains, no log-in required, offline availability, regular updates, and voice over support. This is Quizoid, a classical multiple choice trivia game. Test your knowledge in the domains like Arts & Literature, Astronomy & Space, Chemistry, Entertainment, Famous People, Food & Beverage, General Knowledge, Geography, History, Language, Mathematics, Medical Science, Nature, Politics, Religion, Science & Technology and Sports. Such an exhaustive list! When you are in the soup, three life-lines will come to your rescue: a Fifty-fifty, a 2-Shots and a Change-Question joker.

Download Quizoid

#10. Quezztion Real Money Trivia
Quezztion Real Money TriviaDon’t just play free iPhone games, earn a few bucks! Well, this is true. This game is for real trivia lovers, who like to flaunt their skills and win real cash and prizes. Before you plunge into the real gaming world, do some practice and win the Skillz virtual currency. Once you become an experienced gamer, enter the cash competition. The game will offer you an opponent of similar skill. You will know match results as soon as your rivals are done playing.

Download Quezztion Real Money Trivia

Trivia game apps for iPhone on iOS device are the most fun way to enjoy your free time. Start playing above games and share your experience with us. We would like to hear from you; connect with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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