Laptops are convenient because of their portability, but on long trips, their battery life can be a cause célèbre. So if you are heading out with your MacBook, then we advise that you take a power bank with you. In fact, here we have taken the liberty to craft a list of the best USB-C Power Banks for MacBook Pro and Air.(Also check this list of best portable chargers for MacBook Pro)

As long as you have a external portable charger during your outdoor trips, you can rest assured that you will not have to face inconvenient situations of your MacBook running out of battery during some important work.

Best USB-C Power Banks for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

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#1. RAVPower PD Portable Charger 26800mAh

RAVPower USB C Power Bank for MacBook

Starting off our list, we have the RAVPower power bank with a massive 30W Type-C output. This is similar to the original AC MacBook charger, so you will not have to worry about compatibility issues or slow charging.

This is one of the few USB PD portable chargers that can deliver up to 30W. The power bank itself comes with a massive battery capacity of 26800mAh, and recharging it takes merely 4 hours. Another notable fact is that it comes with advanced iSmart 2.0 technology, which automatically detects and adjusts the charging current to obtain optimal charging speed. Also, all security precautions have been taken to protect your device from overcharging, short-circuiting and similar issues.

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#2. Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD with 30W Power Delivery Charger

Anker USB C Power Bank for MacBook

Anker is USA’s leading USB charging brand so you may rest assured that you’re getting the best MacBook Pro Power bank when you buy their PowerCore+ 26800 PD. It comes with one USB type C 30W output and two 5V/3A USB ports. So besides charging your MacBook, you can also plug in a phone and another device and charge everything on the go. On top of this, the power bank itself takes a measly 4 hours to charge up completely.

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#3. GISSARAL 35000mAh Power Bank External Battery Portable Charger

GISSARAL USB C Power Bank for MacBook

Gissaral power bank is a real behemoth if you check its battery size, which is 35000mAh. The power bank, if fully charged can help charge your MacBook Air two times without any issue. And to recharge the power bank, you get the Gissaral adapter which will fully charge it in around 2.5 to 3.5 hours.

The power bank can automatically detect your device and deliver the optimal charging speed which can vary up to 3 amps with the DC port and 3 amps per USB port or 4 amps through 4 ports.

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#4. Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C Portable Charger

Anker USB C Power Bank for MacBook Pro and Air

Here is another power bank from Anker. This one is specially designed for the new MacBook charging at 5V/3A. It has a USB C port which acts as both input and output for the charger. Now, regarding battery capacity, it is a bit low at 20100mAh, but it can fully charge a MacBook. Other notable aspects of the PD include an LED power wheel, high-grade components, and a full aluminum alloy casing. So if you are looking for a compact power bank, then this is the best MacBook power bank you can get.

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#5. ZeroLemon 20100mAh 45W PD External Charger

ZeroLemon USB C Power Bank for MacBook

ZeroLemon also offers a slim and compact PD power bank for your MacBook with a Class A 20100mAh lithium-ion battery. This is another one of the fastest type C chargers with an output of 45W – almost 50% faster than our previous entries. Besides your MacBook, it is compatible with a host of other devices and supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0.

Apart from this, the other highlight of the power bank is its design. It comes in a compact size with a soft textured surface. It has a power level indicator and PD charging indicator to check on the power status easily. Again, since the device is capable of such high outputs, safety measures have been incorporated to avoid over-charging, over-voltage, over-current, and short circuit.

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#6. BatPower ProE 36000mAh External Battery Pack

BatPower USB C Power Bank for MacBook

With BatPower ProE we again go back to high capacity PD power banks for your MacBook. The massive 36000mAh charger comes with auto-detect technology to deliver optimal output based on the device’s needs. Power outputs range from 5W all the way up to 90W, which makes it the Best USB C external battery pack for MacBook in terms of fast charging. In consideration to charging the power bank, it will take you up to 3.5 hours to fully charge its battery using the provided adapter.

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#7. AUKEY 30000mAh USB-C Portable Charger

AUKEY USB C Power Bank for MacBook

Aukey offers a 30000mAh capacity portable USB C power bank which is also Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 compatible. It has an AiPower Charging Technology which helps it to detect the safest maximum charging rates for all type of USB devices.

The power bank has a standard USB cable apart from the USB C cable. The former can charge at 5V 2.4A whereas the latter at 5V 3A.

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#8. Poweradd Pilot Pro3 30000mAh Power Bank 

Poweradd USB C Power Bank for MacBook

Poweradd offers a similar 30000mAh battery capacity, but in a smaller built casing. It boasts 3 USB ports, which deliver a combined output of 4.5amp. There is a Smart PowerSI technology which helps it automatically detect the optimal charging rates.

However, the maximum output of the charger is up to 2.4A per port. Now, this is slower in comparison to some of the other previous method power banks, but it is more affordable than the other power banks.

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#9. iMuto 20000mAh Portable Battery Charger

iMuto USB C Power Bank for MacBook

This is the smallest USB C Power Delivery charger for MacBook in the list, coming from iMuto. If you mostly head out for short periods and don’t require the huge battery capacities, but would like a power bank to avoid contingencies, then this is a great alternative. The PD is very compact and easily portable which can be an added benefit.

The power bank comes with 2 USB ports which you can use to charge two devices simultaneously. One of the ports has an output of 2.4A, and the other is 1A, so it isn’t as fast as some of the other power banks we discussed above. However, in terms of unique features, you will be getting an LED display which will show you the remaining power.

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#10. Vinsic 20000mAh Slim Battery Pack Backup Portable Charger

Vinsic USB C Power Bank for MacBook

At last, we have another compact 20000mAh battery capacity power bank from Vinsic. It comes with two input ports – one micro USB and one Type-C, and three output ports – A quick charge compatible USB port, a Smart USB port and a Type C port. There is a digital screen which shows the remaining capacity of the power bank. Apart from these, other highlights of the charger are its attention towards security. The charger has built-in over-temperature protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, input over-current protection, short-circuit protection and ripple control.

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