February is the month of fun and romance! It’s Valentine’s Day that falls on the fourteenth day of February. If you are in a relationship, you must be planning to make this Valentine day more beautiful and special than you did last year. Fix your date and use some of the best Valentine Day Apps for iPhone and Android.

To spice up your date, we have listed some top rated valentine day apps for Android and iOS that will help you plan dinner, buy flowers and gifts, print your photos, and do more. First, take some Valentine Day appetizer and start your day romantically. If you are under the impression that this article is all about a list of dating apps, you should not forget that you have already found a valentine for yourself. Now celebrate this festival of romance by using some of the fun Valentine Day apps.

Best Valentine’s Day Apps for iPhone and Android to Celebrate the Lovely Occasion

Best Valentine Day Apps for Android and iPhone in 2018

#1) OpenTable

OpenTable Valentine AppDining out on Valentine’s Day is probably the most important part of the occasion for couples. However, with the hectic schedule of everyday life planning for these dinners can become quite cumbersome. OpenTable helps you browse different types of restaurants, check availability and make dinner reservations in advance with total ease.

Download OpenTable for iOS |  Download OpenTable for Android

#2) Florist Now

Florist Now Valentine AppFlowers are probably among the few things most representative of this special day. Your partner would no doubt be extremely delighted to receive an affectionate gift from you in the form of his or her favorite blossoms. However, finding a florist who can offer you the right spread of flowers that are absolutely fresh can be difficult. Ensuring the delivery of the flowers on time to the right place is even more daunting. Florist Now comes to your rescue by performing all these tasks and saving you both time and money.

Download Florist Now for iOS |  Download Florist Now for Android

#3) Shari’s Berries

Shari Berries Valentine AppIf your partner loves edible delicacies or if you both as a couple are connoisseurs of good food, then Shari’s Berries can be the right app for you. This app offers you the choice to pick between various food treats such as dipped strawberries, cake pops, and other yummy desserts. Take your pick and let the app do the sending for you.

Get Shari’s Berries for iOS |  Get Shari’s Berries for Android

#4) Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight Valentine AppIf you are a go-getter and a hard worker, it might be a blessing for your career, but for planning your Valentine’s Day it’s completely obstructive. If you find yourself completely at sea not sure of where to go or how to book a last minute outing on a special day, then Hotel Tonight can be the solution for you. This app specializes in last minute reservations at bargain prices and you will never be disappointed with the choices.

Get Hotel Tonight for iOS |  Get Hotel Tonight for Android

#5) Airbnb

Airbnb Valentine AppIf like some couples, you and your partner don’t prefer hotels, then you can go for Airbnb. This app service offers different kinds of unique properties that you can opt for. Right from renting out the whole home to picking out a tree house under the moonlight, there are loads of options to choose from. Why not go unconventional this Valentine’s Day with Airbnb.

Download Airbnb for iOS |  Download Airbnb for Android

#6) Print Studio

Print Studio Valentine AppGreeting cards are another of those popular gifts for Valentine’s Day. With the Print Studio app, you can simply transform your own favorite photos into stunning greeting cards or photo books or any other new format that you wish for. You can even weave a photo story of your tale of love. The result can leave your partner simply amazed and delighted.

Download Print Studio for iOS |  Download Print Studio for Android

#7) Love Quotes

Love Quotes Valentine AppAs they say the most important thing in love to make sure you let your significant other know how loved they are. What better way to make your partner feel special than sharing personally chosen love quotes that define your relationship. The Love Quotes app lets you surf through a huge collection of romantic, charming and flirty quotes or poems that you can share with your partner.

Get Love Quotes for iOS |  Get Love Quotes for Android

#8) Postmates

Postmates Valentine AppLooking to have fun by having the best girls’ night by going for a Netflix binge and sinful takeout dishes? The Postmates app can set it up for you just about perfectly by helping you as your own little delivery system. The app does it by getting your favorite eateries to your living room even if they don’t usually deliver. The app has enough drivers and riders available throughout to make this happen.

Download Postmates for iOS |  Download Postmates for Android

#9) Valentine RADIO

Valentine Radio AppHow can Valentine’s Day be complete without soulful music to listen to! The Valentine RADIO app brings to you all types of romantic songs right onto your smartphone screen. With a streamlined interface, this app covers over 40 stations to offer you incredible choices. Just let this app do its work while you enjoy a nice little candlelight dinner.

Get Valentine RADIO for iOS |  Get Valentine RADIO for Android

#10) Lovedays

Lovedays Valentine AppDoes Valentine’s Day slip out of your mind every year? Don’t let this special day go wasted by using the Lovedays app. This app lets you mark down and countdown to the most important dates that are landmarks for your relationship. Never forget memorable days like V-Day, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Celebrate all these milestones along with Valentine’s Day with the help of the Lovedays app.

Download Lovedays for iOS |  Download Lovedays for Android

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