Best Video Editing Software for Mac: Get Open Source Video Editing Software for Mac

Gone are the days when video editing used to be a skill of few professionals. Nowadays, video editing has become a powerful tool for post-production editors as well as for the people who have zeal to create something on their own. Making a short film or a documentary has become much easier with the numerous video editing software available online! So here, we bring to you, some of the best video editing software for Mac devices so that you can get the best of what is out there!

Use one of the top Mac video editing software to capture your story in your style. All the given software are compatible with Mac operating system available online at no or minimal cost to suit your purpose.

Best Video Editing Software for Mac

Best Video Editing Software for Mac or MacBook Pro / Air

Video Editing Softwares for MacBook Pro/Air -Table of Contents
Adobe Premier Pro iMovie
Lightworks OpenShot
Final Cut Pro Da Vinci Resolve
Media Composer Blender
Shotcut Jahshaka

#1. Adobe Premier Pro

Adobe Premier Pro is an advanced version of Adobe video editor. If you are looking for easy to use software to edit your videos, this could be one of the top choices. It’s a timeline based paid software, however you can explore the free trial to assess its utility. You can sync, store and share videos whilst creating amazing videos through an amalgamation of tools like Photoshop, After-effects, Chroma key and many more. Being a Pro version, it can manage unlimited audio and video clips as well as gives you an option to do real-time execution and make amendments to the timeline.

Donwload Adobe Premier Pro on Mac

#2. Lightworks

Lightworks is a non-linear editing solution which takes you through the journey of professional editing to create a masterpiece on your own. Its step by step tutorials assists you to its details. You can download it for free and is considered to be one of the best free video editing software for Mac. It features multi-camera editing, web as well as background export option, storyboard mode & HD support for both input and output formats. It has everything you need to create a short film or a home video in terms of audio and visual effects. Lightworks, also has a Pro version, which is paid and is a wise investment.

Donwload Lightworks on Mac

#3. Final Cut Pro

Apple’s Final Cut Pro has been re-designed to give you a completely advanced experience for free. Its Magnetic Timeline 2 feature ensures that there are no timeline gaps due to syncing delays. You can download its free trial to explore its features like, 3D titles, color grading, Chroma key, etc. before buying the complete software. It is quite popular and considered to be one of the best professional video editing software amongst professionals and advanced users in media firms which find keyword search quite useful to locate clips.

Donwload Final Cut Pro on Mac

#4. Media Composer

Avid’s media composer is professional editing software which enables you to bring out life out of your unedited video & audio clips. You can edit your story to accelerating the process through this software which saves a lot of time and provides a perfect output which could bring your imagination into life. Recently, there are new features added to the software which gives better sound quality with new audio tools and supports most of the in-demand cameras. With Avid Resolution Independence, there is no limitation to adjust the size if the images as well.

Donwload Media Composer on Mac

#5. Shotcut

Shotcut is definitely worth a try if you are looking for video editing software for Mac i.e. free. Although, the software is yet to reach its ideal utility, but it has some really good features which makes it worth exploring. It’s an open space, cross-platform editor which supports hundreds of formats including 4k videos. It has detailed media properties & impressive audio support and video effects which is some its unique features in the range of free software available for video editing.

Donwload Shotcut on Mac

#6. iMovie

iMovie is one of the finest video editing software for Mac which is integrated by Apple and free to download. It supports 4K resolution and is easy to use with its advanced video editing tools. You can add footage to your content, once you have imported the clips on the software. You can also add sound effects, transitions, music from iTunes and video effects to make your video more appealing. Since it is Apple software, you can also use it with other iOS devices.

Donwload iMovie on Mac

#7. OpenShot

OpenShot is yet another piece of free and open source software which features a long list of video editing tools to fit your purpose. It’s extremely easy to use and is equipped with features like 2D/3D animation, video effects, audio modulations, time effects and slow motion effects. You can also trim down or create separate clips from your video to create a story. Play around and do editing with the built in titles or simply create your own with simple instructions to follow.

Donwload OpenShot on Mac

#8. Da Vinci Resolve

The key highlight of Da Vinci Resolve is that it combines non-linear editing with ultimate color correction. It 14.0 version is available for free download for Mac devices and a paid Pro version is available which isn’t that cost effective. It has some limitations as well which are related to professional video editing, however it works really well if you are using it for personal use and smaller projects. Nonetheless, its color correction feature and compatibility with external hardware panels makes it reserving a place in the given list.

Donwload Da Vinci Resolve on Mac

#9. Blender

If you are new to the world of video editing and keen to learn a new skill, Blender could just be the right software to start your journey towards learning a new skill. It is open source software which supports 3D creations including modeling, animation, game creation and motion tracking. You can view and edit real-time for preview. It does auto and manual object tracking and eliminates the need to adjust between the programs. You can also convert your 2D videos to 3D as well.

Donwload Blender on Mac

#10. Jahshaka

Jahshaka is more of a processor than a video editor, however, we some of its features like color correction, 2D/3D animation and video effects gives a reasonable output like you get from a video editing software. It is available for free and is open source software. Since the software is new as compare to well establish software from Adobe, there have been recent active developments, so you can look for more updates from its developers soon.

Donwload Jahshaka on Mac

Video editing could be your hobby, work or passion. With the right software, you can create wonders. So, pick the appropriate software from the given list of the best video editing software for Mac and enjoy creating, learning and exploring at the same time!

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