Best Smart Wifi Plugs for Amazon Alexa Devices : Built a Smart Home That Follows Commands

Alexa controlled smart Wifi Plugs for Amazon Echo Devices are popular in the market at an affordable rate. With its virtual assistant Alexa, people can now give voice commands to interact with it. It is capable of informing you with a weather update, playing your favorite tracks, dig up Google for any kind of intelligence and the like. But to interact with Alexa enabled smart devices, you need Wi-fi smart plugs so that you can easily give commands to lights, thermostats, and other devices. So here is our list of the best Alexa compatible Smart WiFi Plugs for Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show and Echo Spot.

Top rated Alexa enabled Wifi smart outlet for Amazon Echo devices is an add-on to your smart hub which allows you to control any appliance in your house, attached to it with your smartphone. For example, if any lamp is connected with it, you can switch it on or off remotely with your smartphone. It is easy to use and good for those who are turning their house into a smart home. Let us discover the best Alexa supported Wifi smart plugs for Amazon Echo devices.

Best Wifi Smart Plugs for Alexa and Amazon Echo Devices

Best Alexa Compatible Smart WiFi Plugs for Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show and Echo Spot.

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TP-Link Wifi Smart Plug Works With Amazon Alexa

TP-Link Smart Plug works like a charm for your home appliances. It is controllable remotely from your smartphone via the free Kasa application over any Wifi network. There is this new feature named ‘Away-mode’ which turns on and off your devices randomly to make it look like someone is present in the house when there’s none in fact. You can also schedule your devices in the smart plug to automatically power on and off when needed. All in all, it is eco-friendly and stays true to its word when used for longer periods of time.

Price: $19.99
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#2. TP-Link Smart Wifi and WiFi Extender

TP-Link Smart Wifi and WiFi Extender for Amazon Alexa Devices

This Alexa enabled Wifi smart plug also works as a Wifi range extender. It is ideal for using any heavy appliance which drags a lot of power. To make it work remotely from your smartphone, you will need the application Kasa. It works with Alexa and Google Assistant too for voice control.

Price: $59.99
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#3. Conico Mini Wifi Smart Outlet

Conico Mini WiFi Smart Outlet for Amazon Echo

The Conico Wifi Mini Smart Plug supports both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It is a Wifi Controlled Plug, which can be controlled via any Wifi network from anywhere. You can also set the schedules of the connected devices to avoid thinking of turning them on or off when needed. With that said, you won’t have to worry about turning the lights on just when you are about to arrive home.

Price: $15.99
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#4. TP-Link Smart Plug Mini

TP-Link Smart Plug Mini No Hub Needed Compatible with Alexa

The Smart Plug Mini is compact in size and blends in together without blocking adjacent sockets. You can control devices connected to the smart plug wherever you have internet using the free Kasa app on your smartphone. Schedule the plug to automatically power on and off electronics as needed. The ‘Away Mode’ helps improve your home security by turning electrical devices like lamps on and off at random intervals to give the appearance that you’re home even while you’re traveling.

Price: $59.99
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#5. GMYLE Smart Plug

GMYLE Wifi Smart Plug Mini Works With Amazon Alexa

GMYLE Mini Smart Plug allows you to connect all your home appliances to your smartphone or tablet through WiFi network. Use the Mini Smart Plug to schedule the operating hours of your devices. The devices will be switched on and off automatically and you can focus on your works on hands. GMYLE Mini Smart Plug is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Price: $29.98
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#6. Leelbox Wifi Mini Smart Plug

Leelbox Wifi Mini Smart Plug for Amazon Echo

Leelbox presents Smart Plugs that work with Alexa and Google Home swiftly. Using the smart apps, you can control your home electronics with smartphone remotely from anywhere. With the app Bright fun, you can give your devices a high-quality life. There is a USB charging port with the 2.1A output. It can also be used for devices like a mini fan, phone charging as a replacement when your phone charge is dead.

Price: $17.99
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#7. WeMo Switch Smart Plug

Alexa Enabled WeMo Switch Smart Plug

WeMo is easy to use Alexa enabled Wifi smart plug. Download the free app and start controlling your home appliances right away from your smartphone remotely. Set a schedule for lights in your house and sync them to sunrise, sunset, and other external events automatically. Create schedules from your phone and change them easily, whenever the mood strikes. The Wemo Switch protects your home better than a mechanical timer. In “Away Mode”, your lights will turn on and off randomly to confuse potential intruders and make it look like somebody is home. The Nest Thermostat is another useful feature which works with your lights and appliances to know when you are away or home, and react automatically.

Price: $34.97
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