Best WordPress Plugins for Effective Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Using WordPress for your website and blog is one of the simplest ways of creating and managing a dynamic online presence. The biggest advantage of WordPress is the availability of numerous plugins that add functionality to your site without breaking a sweat. These plugins help extend your site’s features in different areas right from security to marketing. This is also true in the case of social media marketers who want to gain significant traction for their wordpress site or blog on the social web.

The primary issue for social media marketers is the sheer overload of information and communication with way less time to parse through them. To add to this, they have to maintain a marketing presence on multiple popular social media networks creating a potentially chaotic mess. The good news is that to mitigate these challenges, there are some wonderful plugins and tools with nifty features that greatly assist you to perform the hard work of marketing over social media.

The following list of plugins helps you automate much of your work when it comes to sharing your content over the social media. So let us get cracking on getting your site or blog some rich social media love.

Best WordPress Plugins for Social Media Marketing

Best WordPress Plugins for Social Media Marketing

#1. Social Login

Social Login WordPress Plugin

Explore : Social Login

If you have a website or blog that requires visitors to have user accounts in order to comment or guest post, there is a creative alternative that works better. With Social Login you can let users login to your site using their existing social media profile. Social Login works with over 30 different social networks that Facebook, Amazon, Google+ and more. Different placement options for login include registration pages, sidebars, comments section, etc.
#2. WordPress Social Stream

WordPress Social Stream WordPress Plugin

Explore : WordPress Social Stream

Displaying social media feeds on your website is a useful way of creating a social buzz about your website for the site’s visitors. However, if you are equally active on more than one network like for instance, both Facebook and Twitter, you would like to feature feeds from both of them.

WordPress Social Stream plugin helps you do this easily. You can create a combined feed from multiple social platforms and display this on your site. You can get feeds from popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Dribble, StumbleUpon and more.

You can pay $19 for a regular license with 6 months of support, and have the option to upgrade to an extended license and/or 12 months of support.

#3. WordPress Image Hover Lite

WordPress Image Hover Lite WordPress Plugin

Explore : WordPress Image Hover Lite

This plugin works just like the Pin It button, but in addition you get social sharing buttons for different platforms not just a single one. Whenever a visitor hovers over an image, the sharing buttons get displayed across the top. This encourages social shares while being unobtrusive without annoying the user.

This plugin is responsive for mobile platforms and also compatible with all major browsers while supporting about 8 platforms. WordPress Image Hover Lite is a free plugin, but an upgraded premium version is available if you require additional features called WordPress Image Hover Showcase.

#4. MashShare Social Media Share Buttons

MashShare Social Media Share Buttons WordPress Plugin

Explore : MashShare Social Media Share Buttons

MashShare from Mashable is an amazing free social sharing plugin that enables you to place social share buttons that help and push the visitors to share your content. This plugin does not need any external scripts unlike other social sharing button plugins. This is important as external scripts can potentially slow down a site’s load times. You can show or hide share counts and also you can set the update interval of the share count.

#5. HYPESocial Buffer Pro

HYPESocial Buffer Pro WordPress Plugin

Explore : HYPESocial Buffer Pro

HYPESocial Buffer Pro by HYPEStudio is one of the best plugins out there that lets users automate their social media sharing tasks. This plugin creates a panel within your WordPress dashboard that users can use to manage their post shares. After connecting the site to the Buffer App, the HYPESocial plugin enables you to plan your posts and lets you arrange them according to your liking. A lot of time and redundant effort is saved on social media promotions with this plugin. You can share posts, promote pages and custom post types. Additionally, this plugin works nicely with almost all of the major social media platforms.

There are three different license options available for this plugin. The Personal license will cost you $49 per year for a single site. For up to 3 sites you can opt for the $99 per year Small Business license. And you can go for the $199 per year Agency license for an unlimited number of sites.

#6. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP WordPress Plugin

Explore : Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Any worthy web marketer will swear by the absolutely critical usefulness of Google Analytics. It is a priceless tool regardless of your industry or strategy. The Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress lets you effortlessly install the Google Analytics tracking code on your site. The tracking code is automatically applied to every page of your website by this plugin. Once done, you can get access to abbreviated Google Analytics reports on your dashboard. This lets you quickly browse through traffic stats including detailed reports of your social media traffic.

#7. Disqus

Disqus WordPress Plugin

Explore : Disqus

Disqus is a unique commenting universe that is available in a convenient WordPress plugin. It allows your users wanting to comment to log in and involve in discussions. Additionally, your users can get notified when any other user replies or tags them in conversation so that they will be aware of the discussion’s status and never miss any of the replies. Disqus participants can also reply using email. You also get other handy features such as auto spam filtering, subscription choices, blacklisting blocked users, etc.

#8. CoSchedule

CoSchedule WordPress Plugin

Explore : CoSchedule

CoSchedule is an editorial calendar tool that helps you schedule your blog and social media posts from a single dashboard. After inputting the information, the posts are relayed out to the social media platforms automatically based on the time and date of your choice. Though this seems like a simple task, this plugin actually saves you many hours of posting and organizing your campaign in one single go. This is a very productive WordPress plugin that works as a comprehensive content scheduling solution over social media.

There are 9 different Coschedule pricing packages to choose from for users with different needs and scale starting from just $15 a month, if you pay annually. All plans come with a 14 day risk free trial and can be cancelled at any time.

#9. Juicer

Juicer WordPress Plugin

Explore : Juicer

Juicer aggregates all your social media posts in a single feed that can be displayed on your website. This plugin sets up your social media feed to get automatically updated on your site with new comments and posts. Such seamless integration of your website and social media profile helps to attract and encourage your visitors to become more receptive and interactive.

Juicer plugin has a free version but this will display their branding on your site and will only allow you to integrate one social media channel. For $19 per month you can get the Juicer plugin without branding and allows you to stream content from five different social media platforms. There is also a premium version costing $99 per month letting you update feeds in shorter intervals along with supporting 15 social media profiles.

#10. Revive Old Post Pro

Revive Old Post Pro WordPress Plugin

Explore : Revive Old Post Pro

Revive Old Post Pro not only saves precious time, but also helps you avoid having to write new content very often to maintain a strong presence on major social networks. This plugin scours your post archives and shares the older posts automatically on your social networks. This is a great strategy as some of your older content, which is old, but still great, gets promoted again on social media helping to strengthen your following and command on top social networks.

There is a free version and a paid premium version with extra features also available. There are actually three paid options starting from $75 to $299 with different specifications suitable for different users.

Make use of the plugins in this list and implement a well-organized social media marketing campaign. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google+.

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  1. Hello Team Indabaa,

    thank you for the nice overview of the best wordpress plugins for social media marketing.

    There is one more userfriendly wordpress plugin and that is Blog2Social.
    The best part about the plugin is you can post across all different
    platform from a single dashboard in which prefilled posting texts are
    provided and obviously it doesn’t require any server side installation.


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