Social media proliferation has triggered the need of continuous flow of content from social media marketers. If you are one, who wants to make a strong personal brand, you must be busy sharing interesting and informative content on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. But one thing that troubles you is which tool to use for writing a good, error-free post.

The list of writing tools for social media marketers helps you publish a readable post, which can be easily read, understood and liked by your followers. Download one of the tools and start sharing beautiful content.

Best Writing Tools

Best Online Writing Tools for Writers

#1. Grammarly

Grammarly does what your word processor fails to do. This software finds and corrects 10 times more mistakes than your word processor. Once you enter your text, it instantly fixes more than 250 types of errors, which can’t be solved by Microsoft Word. Get a better synonym for any word and optimize your writing with clarity and meaning.


#2. WriteRack

If you are Twitter freak, you would love to post number of tweets frequently. Obviously, 140 characters’ limit will hamper your content flow. With WriteRack you can launch tweetstorm on your Tweeter profile. Publish number of posts one right after another. The tool will automatically break your long tweets into 140 characters. Simply copy and paste your content and the tool will format the content in a series of tweetstorm.

#3. Slick Write

While writing for social media posts, you are likely to commit mistakes of grammar, spelling or punctuation. To avoid any oversight, Slick Write offers you help. Copy and paste your content into analysis window and the rest will be taken care of Slick Write, which analyzes your content and highlight your mistakes with green and red underlines. You can change the settings of the tool to find gender-specific pronouns and biased language.

#4. Help.PlagTracker

To create a unique social media brand, your content has to stand out. Thus, originality in your content gives immense boost to your social media presence. Give your content to Help.PlagTracker before you publish it on social media. The website will ensure that your content is original and you can avoid plagiarism.

#5. Polish My Writing

Grammar is the biggest challenge for any threshold writer. Polish My Writing a.k.a. After the Deadline, is a grammar correction website. A step further, this website also offers you style suggestions for your writing. Your incorrect words will be underlined in red, blue or green; it will highlight where and what you need to correct in your writing.

#6. Ulysses

If you do lot of writing during a day, you should use Ulysses from the comfort of your home or office or even while you are travelling. Moreover, you can store all your writings at one place; this includes text, new content, email or writing projects. If you are handling entire social media marketing project of client organizations, this tool helps you access and organize content. Unlike other tools, this app will cost you.

#7. Writefull

A consummate writer will always double check his content before submitting to social media. This, however, requires him to go to Google to check the effectiveness of phrases used by him. So, he is always busy jumping from word processor to Google; not anymore. Use Writefull, which can be integrated with your word processor to perform the tasks of Google. The app will quickly show you results.

#8. Word Counter

For Twitterati, character count is as essential as breathing. Because a single more character can cancel their tweets. And therefore, Word Counter is immensely helpful for social media marketers. If you are managing a campaign of product or service launch, you can count the character and word of your tweetstorm with the help of Word Counter.

#9. Grammar Monster

Grammar Monster teaches you to be perfect in your writing style. This tool doesn’t correct your language but it certainly stops you from making mistakes. Get grammar and writing lessons, quizzes, grammar tips and huge selection of grammar rules.

#10. Spellchecker

Even an experienced writer is likely to make spelling errors. Even though professional writers have full knowledge of spelling, an oversight can damage your writing. Spellchecker is your best friend to correct your spelling mistakes. Before you publish your content, copy and paste it on Spellchecker to run a spell check.

#11. GrammarCheck

We learn basic grammar rules in school and we tend to forget those rules when we grow up. This causes real troubles when we write a social media post. Our writings are loaded with mistakes of tenses, prepositions, modifiers, unnecessary ellipses, misplaced commas, and more. GrammarCheck helps you correct your grammar mistakes; copy and paste your content into its editing space and get a polished copy.

#12. Papers Gear

Papers Gear is a US based company, which offers plagiarism-free content and editing service. With the help of Papers Gear, you can get a customized copy. The professionals working at this company share their knowledge and experience to improve your educational progress. You can hire an editor or team of editors to proofread and check grammar on your blog, website copy, social media content, articles and other documents.

#13. Hemingway App

Make your writing bold and clear with Hemingway App. Some writers tend to write long and complex sentences; this app can help you shorten and split those sentences into small ones. Moreover, the app converts complicated sentences into lucid expressions. The app also suggests you shorter words to replace longer ones.

#14. Wordy

Get an edited copy in less than 20 minutes with the help of real-time editing of Wordy. Before you submit your content to any social media, send the copy to Wordy to get a refined text. Enhance the readability and accuracy of copy of your website, business reports or academic projects.

#15. GrammarBase

GrammarBase highlights spelling, grammar, punctuation and style errors in your copy. The tool can also give you suggestions on how to solve errors. You can go for manual proofreading assistance from the professional editors of GrammarBase.

#16. 300Editors

Get your social media messages proofread by experts, who precisely check grammar, style, spelling, punctuation and flow of your writings. Simply log in 300Editors and send the copy you need edited. The tool will assign the best editors based on their skill level, price and speed.

#17. Reedsy

The website is specially made for authors who are looking for an easier way to publish their books; however, Reedsy also offers good solutions to any social media marketer who has to write number of posts during a day.

Summing up…

While creating a strong social media profile, care should be taken that your posts are readable and lucid. Remember that employers thoroughly check social media pages of candidates before they hire one. A flawed post can damage your reputation as brand manager. Hence, these tools are necessary to create flawless writing.

Once you start using above tools, share your experience with us. We would like to connect with you on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.



  1. Bookmarked! Jayesh, could you recommend me any alternative plagiarism detector, please? I heard that some of them store user data, how to avoid it? I’ve noticed that many bloggers use this checker and assure that it’s safe and accurate, have you personally tried it? It would be courious to hear your feedback.


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