Best Xbox One Headsets : Get That Adrenaline Boosting Aural Thump While Gaming

If you are an avid gamer, you should be more than aware of the virtues of a top quality headset. Such a premium headset offers you the deepest level of involvement with total accuracy, letting you enjoy the shower of different intricate sounds right from explosions to minute footsteps of your opponents within a game. With the use of the best Xbox one headphones also compatible with your Xbox 360 controller, you can easily play through long hours without any discomfort.

Though the stock headset that arrives bundled with Xbox One is good, it does not set any particular benchmarks for spellbinding audio. However, by getting one of the top Xbox One headsets, you can get that missing x-factor in your gaming audio to give you the complete experience of the game. Therefore, to satisfy the gamer within you, we have come up with the following top headsets that can change your gaming sessions forever.

Best Xbox One Headsets

Best Xbox One Headsets for Gaming

#1. KingTop

KingTop Xbox One Headset

This is a light and soft gaming set for Xbox One that is quite weightless for marathon gameplay sessions. With the presence of an all-direction microphone, you can adjust the headset in any which way you wish such as horizontally or vertically allowing you to get the complete joy of gaming. The soft silicone TPU makes the headband even more flexible with the self-adjusting system. Additionally, you can control the volume as per your needs with a uniquely designed controller.

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#2. Sades

Sades Xbox One Headset

A wonderfully robust headset, this product by Sades has EMI/RFI shielding to avoid any kind of electromagnetic or radio-frequency hindrance and thereby assuring you of a consistent performance during your game playing session. The sound output that you get is outstanding and along with the SADES-AFV volume control, it gives you ample amounts of flexibility. The soft PU leather build of the ear-pad and the head-pad makes it an extremely convenient product to use.

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#3. Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach Xbox One Headset

Turtle Beach Recon 50X is one of the finest headsets available to you for Xbox One. It enhances the gaming audio and comfort level up by several notches. With huge 40mm over-ear speakers, you get sharp and loud highs and thundering lows. You also get full size ear-cushions that are covered in synthetic leather and that also fold flat after usage. Added to this, you also get a high-sensitive adjustable boom microphone that lets you do in-game chatting.

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AFUNTA Xbox One Headset

This is a multi-purpose headset that is perfectly suitable for Xbox One gaming. The design is very professional and the sound productivity is excellent with 360 degree surround stereo audio, making it one of the best Xbox One stereo headsets. The audio delivered is very crystal clear and has a deep rhythm when playing games. The soft, sporty ear cushions not only deliver good comfort, but also play their part in effective noise isolation. The braided wire present in the headband is durably tensile and lowers any kind of outer resistance.

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#5. Kingston

Kingston Xbox One Headset

One of the most advanced Xbox One wired headsets; the HyperX Cloud Stinger is just the perfect fit for gamers who need feather-light convenience with spectacular sound quality. This headset weighs less than 300 grams and therefore sits around your neck nicely. The ear cups rotate in a 90 degree radius for giving a better fit. You get audio streamed directly into the ear with the 50mm directional drivers giving you utmost accuracy and sound quality. As this headset has memory foam, you won’t feel the pinch even after long hours of gaming. The icing on top is the inbuilt passive noise cancellation that lowers background noise to a great extent with efficiency.

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#6. Microsoft

Microsoft Xbox One Headset

Coming from Microsoft, the home of Xbox One, this is one of the most feature-laden Xbox One wireless headsets that is compatible with the original Xbox One wireless controller as well as the latest white Xbox wireless controller. You don’t need any batteries separately. The digital audio output received is clear and deep. The responsive microphone with adjustable boom adds a sparkle to your audio experience. Adding to the features, you get the mute and volume controls at your fingertips.

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#7. Top-spring

Top-spring Xbox One Headset

This Top-spring headset is simply luxurious and pampering to use. The earmuffs are made of skin-friendly material. The flexible headband and extra-soft over-ear pads are nice and convenient for however long you keep them on. Comfort is not the only thing you get with this set; you also get a highly accurate 40mm driver for diverse sound output with exceptional clarity. This headset also offers that surprising shock effect for gameplay experience. If you require a professional gaming experience then this headset from Top-spring is apt for you.

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#8. Polk Audio

Polk Audio Xbox One Headset

The Polk Striker ZX headset is designed exclusively for the Xbox One and is made specifically for high-end gaming activities. Its design is simply amazing that adds to the thrill and excitement within the game. Polk have actually gone a step further and made their wireless headset adapter for connecting wirelessly to the Xbox One that gives complete chat functionality. This also enables you to control your game as well as chat volume mix. Their audio drivers have been made utilizing their proprietary Dynamic Balance driver design process for getting rid of resonances and giving awesome sound.

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#9. ASTRO Gaming

ASTRO Gaming Xbox One Headset

This is yet another fully featured audio headset that gives you enhanced user customization to suit any surrounding. You can use it at home or at a noisy sports atmosphere. You can convert the A40 TR from an open-back to a closed-back headset that also features great noise isolation by interchanging components such as the speaker tags, ear cushions, etc. The user-friendly design of the controls lets you quickly modify your audio settings without shifting your eyes from the ongoing game.

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#10. Razer

Razer Xbox One Headset

This headset is particularly made for extended hours of gaming. The Razer Kraken Pro has been actually evaluated by a number of professional gamers to find the best suitable weight for long hours of gaming sessions with reference to the matchless comfort offered. The in-line controls and completely foldable microphone give you easy access to control the volume and mute it. The retractable design gives you more freedom and flexibility. With powerful 40mm neodymium magnet drivers, you get ideally tuned clear high and mid-range sounds with deep bass. You also get circumaural padding for top class sound isolation.

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#11. Redhoney

Redhoney Xbox One Headset

These Redhoney headsets are highly accurate and provide you with detailed sound breadth along with remarkable clarity with the shock feel. As with other top headsets seen earlier, comfort is a major factor that has been looked after while designing this set. The noise isolation you get is among the best in the market. In you get a rotary volume controller with a single key mute and an adjustable headband. The microphone provided is intuitive and practical for a gamer, and it’s neatly adjustable.

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Pick and buy from one of these cool headsets above for your Xbox One and enjoy extended hours of gaming with your loved ones on this holiday season. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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