Amazon, unlike any corrupt politician, is keeping its promises made earlier. When this e-commerce giant launched Alexa calling feature in May this year, many users were censorious of the absence of call blocking feature. This made users disappointed as they were not able to block some unwanted calls as anyone could call the Amazon Echo device or Amazon app. However, Amazon promised that this glitch would be taken care of in the next few weeks. But Amazon resolved the issue in mid-June. And now you can block phone calls with Alexa from Amazon Echo.

While you are learning to block phone calls and messages with Alexa, you should also know how to make a phone call and send message with Alexa using Amazon Echo. Yes, you can also send message with Alexa. Remember that you can make phone calls and send messages to a contact who owns Amazon Echo device or Alexa app on their smartphones. Your mobile carrier won’t charge anything as this entire process takes place via Wi-Fi network or your cellular data. Let’s now see how you can block phone calls with Alexa from Amazon Echo.

Note that Amazon has updated this feature of blocking calls on iOS so you won’t be able to use this feature on your Android devices. We hope Amazon will roll out this feature on Android phones soon.

How to Block Phone Calls with Alexa from Amazon Echo

How to Block Phone Calls and Messages with Alexa from Amazon Echo

Step #1: Launch Alexa app on your iOS device.


Step #2: Next, go to the contacts list.

Step #3: Now you need to swipe down and choose the contact you want to block.

Step #4: You need to tap the new ‘block contact’ option next to the name, and you will not receive calls or messages from the contact in future.

From the above steps, it is clear that the person you want to block has to be in your contact list first. But then the person cannot call or message you on your Amazon Echo or Amazon Alexa app unless they have your phone number. If you don’t want to block a contact permanently, Alexa app has an option to block a contact temporarily.

For this, you need to use ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature. Simply send a command Alexa ‘Don’t disturb me’, or you can schedule ‘Do not disturb’ for specific days and time in Alexa app.

Go to Settings → Choose device→ choose Scheduled under Do Not Disturb → toggle ON or OFF Do Not Disturb → tap on Edit to change the time Do Not Disturb starts or ends→ finally choose Save Changes.

That’s it!

Now go ahead, and block phone calls with Alexa from Amazon Echo. Like the Alexa app and its features? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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