Pop-ups are stumbling blocks in your way to surf internet waves. This extremely annoys users when they are watching or reading something interesting on their Android phones. Users wish they could block pop ups on Android devices.

Thankfully, there is a lifehack to manage or stop pop ups on Android phone. In this information, we will see how you can stop pop up ads on Android phone in Chrome and Ghostery Privacy Browser, which is an Android app available on Google Play Store. Read both the methods carefully and block pop ups on Android device.

How to Block Pop Ups on Android Phone

Step #1: Open Chrome app on your Android phone.

Open Chrome on Android

Step #2: Next, tap on three vertical dots from the upper right corner of your phone screen.

Tap on three Vertical Dots

Step #3: Now tap on Settings and scroll down.

Tap on Settings

Step #4: Tap on Site Settings now.

Tap on Site Settings

Step #5: Scroll down again and tap on Pop-ups option.


Step #6: There you can find a toggle, which is ON; you need to toggle the switch OFF.

Toggle OFF Popups to Block

It is done! This method doesn’t entail any third-party apps, and hence easy. If you are using a high-end smartphone like Google Pixel and Pixel XL, which allows more space to download third-party apps, you can go for Ghostery Privacy Browser. This private browser boosts your browsing privacy, protection, and speed also.

How to Block Pop Ups on Android Using Ghostery Privacy Browser

Step #1: First off, download & install Ghostery Privacy Browser from Google Play Store.

Open Ghostery Privarcy Browser

Step #2: Open this Ghostery browser on your Android phone and tap on vertical ellipsis from the top right corner.

Tap on three vertical dots on Ghostery browser

Step #3: Now tap on Settings icon (cog wheel).

Tap on cog wheel

Step #4: Under the GENERAL section, you need to tap on Block popups and it will block ads on Android phone.

Tap on Block Popups

You can also try a different route: Ghostery → Tracker Blocking Options → Tap Block Everything. This will block everything you don’t want while browsing websites.

Go to Ghostery then Tracker Blocking Options and tap Block Everything

Ghostery Privacy Browser is available since 2009 and it has been appreciated by many Android experts. This app protects your phone by minimizing third-party access and touted as the best pop up blocker for Android phone.

Once you download Ghostery, you can safely avoid using Chrome because it doesn’t make sense in using two browsers in a single device. Ghostery will perform dual role as browser and a pop up blocker on Android device. This Ghostery Privacy Browser doesn’t occupy much space on your device as it is only 2.1MB.

This information on how to stop pop ups on Android phone is really useful. But don’t take our words. Check the methods on your Android phone and then come up with your feedback if you could block pop ups on Android devices. Write your comments in the section below or connect with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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