How to Bring Back App drawer on LG G6

There are some features that continue to impress users even as innovations keep pouring in. The case in point is app drawer, which has been there on Android phones for a long time. LG wants to make something new in its latest G6 package. The brand has hidden the app drawer by default on G6; for a true-blue Android user, this can be disturbing and they want to bring back the app drawer on LG G6.

App drawer is something every Android user is accustomed to, and therefore, its absence can upset the user. But there is a workaround to bring back the app drawer on your LG G6 smartphone. Follow a few simple steps and you can get the app drawer back on LG G6.

How to Get App Drawer Back on LG G6

Step #1: Wake up your LG G6 and go to the Home screen (if you are on any other screen).

Step #2: Tap on Settings from Home screen.

Step #3: Next, tap on Display from the options given on top.

Step #4: Now choose Home screen.

Step #5: Under the GENERAL section, tap on Select Home.

Step #6: Now is the time to tap on Home & app drawer.

In the last step, you can simply dance holding your LG G6 phone. But wait! While you are exulting at the success, hold your phone tight. If it falls accidentally, you will regret what you did. Or you can continue to dance if you have protected your phone with the best LG G6 cases and LG G6 screen protectors.

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With your new LG G6 you can explore the whole world of applications, which actually turn a simple phone into a smart one. But not all Android applications are available at gratis; quite a few app developers charge their apps. After shelling out a hefty amount on LG G6, you would welcome the idea of saving a few bucks on apps. Now you can download paid Android apps for free on Android phone.

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Radio lovers would never miss an opportunity to listen to their favourite artists on Android phones. LG G6 has built-in FM radio app, but it is market dependent; if you want to listen to FM radio everywhere, there are some apps you need to download. Check out the apps to listen to FM radio on Android phones.

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