How to Broadcast Voice Messages to Google Home Devices on iPhone and Android

The surging smart speaker market has got competitive with Google came up with Home. Amazon Echo devices have already impressed users with their amazing features; to dent this market, Google Home introduced extraordinary features at dirt cheap prices. As happened with Echo devices, people began to buy more than one Home devices. This enables them to use their Home speakers as intercom (if you have Echo devices, you can enable Drop In on Alexa and use the devices as intercom). So here is how to broadcast voice messages to Google Home devices in your home.

Apart from performing countless tasks, you can use Google Home as intercom system. But before you go ahead and use it as intercom, you need to know what you will need and where you can broadcast your voice messages. Note that you can broadcast messages from Google Home device to other Google Home Mini and Max devices; and you can also send messages  from your phone to Google Home device.

How to Broadcast Voice Messages to Google Home Devices on iPhone and Android

How to Use Google Assistant to Broadcast Voice Messages to Google Home Devices on iPhone and Android

Note: The method to send messages to members in your household by broadcasting messages on all of your Google Home devices is same on iPhone and Android phones.

Broadcasting from Google Home device to Google Home device


  • You need two or more Google Home devices (you can use two Google Home devices, two Google Home Mini devices, or mix and match all devices).
  • Make sure all your Google Home devices and phones should be running on the same Wi-fi network.
  • Remember, at least one of the members from your family or household has signed into each of the Google Home devices.
  • Turn Do Not Disturb Off. (Google Home AppDevices → Device Card → tap on the device card menuSettingsDo Not Disturb)
  • Your Google Home should be running firmware 1.26.93937 or later. (Google Home AppDevices → Device Card → tap on the device card menuSettingsCast firmware version: X.XXX.XXXXX)

Where will the Broadcast Play?

If you initiate your message on Google Home device, it plays your message on all Google Home devices that are connected with the same Wi-fi network, and the devices, which are signed into the same Google Account(s) as the operating device.

Send Messages from Android Phone or iPhone to Google Home Device


  • A smartphone with Google Assistant and at least one Google Home device.
  • Set up Google Assistant app on phone.
  • The Google Account you are using on your phone should be used on each Google Home device.
  • Turn off Do Not Disturb.
  • Your Google Home device must be running firmware 1.26.93937 or later.

Where will the Broadcast Message Play?

If you initiate the message on your phone, the broadcast will play on all your Google Home devices signed into the same Google Account.

How to Send a Custom Message on Google Home

You can create custom messages on Google Home to broadcast those messages on Home devices. For this, say “OK Google,” and then create a custom message. You can start your message with words like “Broadcast/shout/tell everybody/announce” followed by your message.

Your message will be broadcast on all devices except the device you are using to broadcast messages.

You can also broadcast some delightful sounds on Google Home.

Purpose to broadcast a message for Say “OK Google”, then
To Wake up family members “Broadcast…”

  • wake up everyone
  • “(it’s) time to wake up”
Breakfast call Broadcast…”

  • breakfast is ready
  • breakfast is served
  • (it’s) time for breakfast
Lunch time Broadcast…”

  • (your) lunch is ready
  • it’s lunch time
Dinner bell Broadcast…”

  • dinner is served
  • dinner is ready
  • ring the dinner bell
  • (it’s) time for dinner
  • it’s dinner time
When you leave for work “Broadcast…”

  • (it’s) time to get out
  • (it’s) time to leave
  • (it’s) time to leave home
  • (it’s) time to leave the house
When you arrive home “Broadcast…”

  • I’m home
  • I’m here
On the way Broadcast…”

  • (I’m) on the way
  • (I’ll) be home soon
  • (I’ll) be back soon
Call your family for Movie “Broadcast…”

  • (it’s) movie time
  • the movie is about to start
  • How about movie?
It’s TV time “Broadcast…”

  • the show is about to start
  • it’s time to watch TV
  • Let’s enjoy the “name of show” on TV
It’s bedtime “Broadcast…”

  • (it’s) time for bed
  • (it’s) time to go to bed
  • Kids, it’s sleep time
  • We all should go to bed

The messages will broadcast on all devices including the one you’re broadcasting from.

Voice Match and Broadcasting Messages

Any user (including the one who registered in Voice Match and guests) can broadcast a message.

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