How to Buy and Use PokeCoins in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go’s phenomenal success is reflected in the number of virtual goods users are buying during the game play. These microtransactions will certainly boost sales figures, benefiting the developers and promoters of Pokemon Go.

Once you download and install the game on your Android and iOS devices, your purchase of virtual goods begins. For Pokemon Go aficionados, this information will be very helpful.

How to Buy PokeCoins

Your PokeCoins can bring you extra PokeBalls, extra lives and a few other things also. Open your wallet and spend some currency on virtual goods.

Step #1: Open Pokemon Go on your smartphone.

Step #2: Tap on Main Menu option from Map View (it’s PokeBall at the bottom of your phone’s screen).

Step #3: Now tap on Shop button.

Step #4: Finally, tap on pack of PokeCoins at the bottom.

After selecting PokeCoins, you will be taken to finish your purchase via Google Play Store. Once the purchase is completed, you can see your PokeCoins in your account and you can use them to buy premium items.

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How to Use PokeCoins to Buy Premium Items

A couple of taps and you can use your PokeCoins to buy some premium items in Pokemon Go.

Step #1: Open the Pokemon Go on your smartphone.

Step #2: Tap on Main Menu button in Map View.

Step #3: Now tap on Shop button. You will see PokeCoin balance on the top of your mobile screen.

Step #4: Select a premium item by tapping on it.

Step #5: Finally tap on Exchange For option on the item you want to purchase.

It’s done! After a short while, you can see that premium item in your Bag. You need to buy these stuff judiciously because if you lose yourself into this shopping spree, you will lose all bucks from your wallet.

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