How to Call and Message Friends Using Amazon Echo

Amazon leaves no stone unturned to surprise its users by awesome products and brilliant features packed into those products. Very recently, Amazon has added a new feature to its Echo devices and as per this feature, you can now use Alexa to make a call and to send text messages from Amazon Echo.

This sounds indigestible, right? But you got to believe this. However, many users doubt the ability of Echo to make call and message friends. Guys, there is no question of distrust. You can get Echo to ask Alexa to call your contacts or send them recorded messages. To use this feature, you need to have Alexa app, and then use Alexa on iPhone and iPad. Next, you can go ahead and call and message friends. If you don’t know the commands to control Alexa, you can check this list of Alexa voice commands. So let’s get down working on how you can call and message friends using Amazon Echo.

How to Call and Message Friends Using Amazon Echo

How to Use Alexa and Setup Amazon Echo for calling and Messaging

Step #1: First off, you need to update your Alexa app on your phone. So head to the App Store or Google Play Store and update the app.

Step #2: Now launch the updated Alexa app, and the app will welcome you with an introduction to the new calling and messaging feature. You need to tap on ‘Get Started’ button seen at the bottom.

Step #3: Next, choose your name.

Step #4: Confirm your first and last name, and then press ‘Continue’ button.

Step #5: Grant Alexa permission so that the app can access your contacts on phone. Tap on ‘Allow’ button.

Step #6: Here, type in your phone number to link with your Echo and tap on ‘Continue’. If any person from your phone’s contacts sets up this feature on his/her Echo, the person will automatically appear in the contacts list in Alexa app.

Step #7: Once you feed your phone number, you will receive a verification code. You need to type in that code in the following screen and press ‘Continue’.

Step #8: Now you will be landed on Conversations screen in Alexa app. All your messages will appear here; this place is similar to the conversations screen in your phone’s default message app.

Step #9: You can access the list of contacts to call or send message to by tapping on the profile icon.

On the screen, you can see all the contacts, who have set up Amazon Echo calling and messaging settings.

How to Use Alexa and Make a Call With Amazon Echo

You can either use Alexa app or Echo to call friends.

If you are not at home, you can always use your phone to call people. The charm of using Echo is not in using Alexa app. Still if you want to use Alexa, go to the Contacts screen and choose a contact. Then, tap on the phone button to ring up your friends.

For a hands-free experience, go to the Echo and speak a command: Alexa, call ‘name of contact’. On this, your friend’s Echo will glow and make a chiming sound; the device will also announce who is calling. Simultaneously, recipient’s phone will also be ringing; your contacts can either use Echo or the phone to answer your call. On Echo, the contact has to take the phone by saying ‘Alexa, answer the call’. On the phone, the recipient can receive the call as a normal call. To discontinue the call, simply say, ‘Alexa, hang up’.

How to Use Alexa to Send Text Message From Amazon Echo

Like calling your friends from Echo, you can send message to someone using Amazon Echo. You can either use Alexa app or Echo device for this purpose.

On your Alexa app, open the Contacts screen and choose a contact, and tap on the message button.

This will open a new conversation page with a particular contact. Next, you can tap on microphone button to record a voice message or press the keyboard icon to type a message.

If you want to send a voice message, you need to speak to Alexa using Echo device: ‘Alexa, message ‘name of contact’.

When the recipient receives the message, Echo device will glow and make a chiming sound. Here, Alexa doesn’t announce that there is a message from somebody. But recipients will always get a notification on their phones and they can view or listen to the message in Alexa app. If they want to send a reply, they can do this from the app itself.

In the Alexa app, recipient has to speak, ‘Alexa, play the message’ and Alexa will play that voice message sent by you. If you have sent a text message, Alexa will transcribe the text and speak it aloud.

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  1. As a caveat, according to Amazon support, for it to ring to a persons phone, they have to have the alexa app OPEN and connected to WIFI!


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