How to Use a Android Wear Smartwatch as Camera Remote for Android

How to Use Android Wear Smartwatch as Camera Remote for Phone

Using a smartwatch as camera remote for your Android phone is a cool idea for young users. Though it looks a complicated thing, it is pretty damn easy for any lay smartphone owner. You just need recently released Android phones running the latest operating system. And yes, you need an Android Wear device – that … Read more

How to Install Custom Watch Faces on Your Android Wear Smartwatch

How to Install Custom Android Wear Watch Faces on Your Smartwatch

Smart is the device that allows you to customize as per your choice and preferences. And if you are using Android devices, customization becomes easier than ever. Of late, people have begun to develop fascination for customization of Android Wear watch faces. Customization in Android Wear is super easy. Even if you are an iOS … Read more

Best Samsung Gear S3 Screen Protectors : Keep Your Smartwatch Unscratched

Best Samsung Gear S3 Screen Protectors

After a long pause, Samsung has announced its Gear S3 smartwatch. The brand has released its Gear S2 previous year in October. This mini tech device comes in the garb of traditional-looking smartwatches with classic Swiss design elements. Frontier and Classic are two variants rolled out by Samsung; each one appeals to a different type … Read more

How to Watch Videos from YouTube on Android Wear

How to Watch Videos from YouTube on Android Wear

Android Wear is best used to measure your fitness regimen. From dawn to dusk, it stays with you sending you essential alerts. But then a little bit of diversion in this monotony is always welcome; by this diversion, I mean that you should allow yourself to watch some interesting & entertaining videos from YouTube on … Read more

How to Pair Android Wear Smartwatch with Android Phone

How to Pair Android Wear SmartWatch with Phone

Pairing Android wear smartwatch with Android phone should be your priority once you buy any Android wear. In a few simple steps, you can pair your smart wear with your Android phone. Need of this information emerges as people are buying smartwatches to perform many tasks they don’t want to do on their smartphones. Whether … Read more