How to Get HQ Trivia for Android Phone

How to Get HQ Trivia on Android Phone

HQ Trivia was an iOS exclusive game, which is now available for Android users to download and install. Touted as the hottest game, it is a New Year gift for Android phone and tablet users. However, the game can be played as limited beta in the US and open beta in Canada. If you want … Read more

How to Make Apps Available for Pre-Order on App Store

How to Put Apps Available for Pre-Order on App Store

Apple brings good news for developers and product users. For developers, they can now make apps available for pre-order on App Store, and users can pre-order those apps and Games. Apple’s official announcement says that developers can make their apps available for pre-orders on all Apple’s app stores before 90 days of official release of … Read more

How to Add Watermark to Photos on iPhone or iPad

How to Add Watermarks to Photos on iPhone or iPad

Smartphone photography is taken seriously by users. Earlier, people used to click photos for fun, but now with high-end phones equipped with advanced camera features, smartphone owners sincerely pursue their passion for photography. The latest iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus boast high-quality camera app that enables users to capture beautiful images. Moreover, there are … Read more

How to Download Apps Using Face ID on iPhone X

How to Download Apps on iPhone X Using Face ID

Face ID has obviously scored higher than its predecessor, i.e. Touch ID in its functionality and ease of usage. Like Touch ID, Face ID is mostly used to unlock the phone, download or purchase apps on iPhone X or login into apps. However, in Touch ID, the action was quite intentional as you have to … Read more

How to Fix iPhone Apps Crashing Issues

How to Fix iPhone Apps Crashing Issues

iPhone Apps crashing in iOS 11 or iOS 10 is the most irritating experience in the life of any iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone 7, 7 Plus, iPhone 6/6s Plus and iPhone X user. You download apps for your personal or professional use and all of a sudden, the app closes every-time you open it. You are … Read more