Best Trivia Games for iPhone to Stimulate Your Brain in 2017

Best Trivia Games for iPhone

iPhone trivia games are the best way to kill your time or if you feel unexcited about something, these popular iPhone games can stimulate your brain. In year 2017, you may not find time to play games following work pressure; but you can download these best iPhone games for your kids, who would enjoy these … Read more

Best VR Apps and Games for iPhone and Android

Best Virtual Reality Apps and Games

So you have bought one of the best VR headsets for you (so long as your budget permits), and now you are looking for equally good apps to entertain your eyes. After spending some bucks on your choice of virtual reality devices, it would be a good plan to download that VR app at gratis. … Read more

Best iPhone and Android Apps to Buy And Sell Old Stuff

Best iPhone and Android Apps for Selling Used Stuff

Need to get rid of your old stuff but find a hard time to do so? There are so many like you who are tired and want to sell their stuff online, but time and proper solution is what is not there. We understand this and have come with a solution that will help you … Read more

DIESEL APP: Launch Your Favourite Apps from Notification Bar on Android

DIESEL APP Launch Your Favourite Apps from Notification Bar on Android

Your smartphone never allows you to take a moment of respite as it constantly buzzes, whistles, hoots, rings and makes other sounds. And these resonances suggest that you have got messages on your Hangout, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Twitter or email. This forces you to check them by swiping down the notification bar on the phone … Read more

Best Meditation Apps for Android and iPhone

Meditation Apps to Beat Daily Stress and Rejuvenate Yourself

In today’s time and space, stress is a killer, both literally and figuratively. A number of people feel the impact of stress no matter whether they are young or old. With the strain of various day to day responsibilities of modern day living, almost everyone feels the cold, dark shadow of stress wreaking havoc with … Read more

How to Turn on Twitter’s ‘Best Tweets’ Feature on Timeline

How to Turn on Twitter’s ‘Best Tweets’ Feature on Timeline

Every day millions of Twitter users post billions of tweets on several topics. Finding the best content can be as difficult as finding a needle in the haystack. But there are better and easier ways to get the best content of your choice. There is a cool new feature on your smartphone that can serve … Read more

How to Play Hidden Basketball Game in Facebook Messenger

How to play basketball game in Facebook Messenger

Now there is one more hidden game of basketball (aka Soccer) added to the Facebook Messenger. A couple of days back, this arguable leader in social media has invited users to play chess on in Messenger app. So In this tutorial, we are going to show you how you can play a basketball game in Facebook … Read more

SoundShare: Connect with your Friends Musically

Soundshare App Review

After three months of free trial, many users have switched to paid version of Apple Music. Apple Music has set very high benchmarks, and therefore, we can’t help ourselves compare this SoundShare with one of the best music apps. What is unique about SoundShare is not streaming music, but your social network that has music … Read more