Things to Plan When Taking Your Spouse on a Business Trip

Things to Plan When Taking Your Spouse on a Business Trip

If you are one of those people whose profession requires regular business trips for meetings, then traveling without your spouse can at times become too lonely. On the other hand, your spouse may also feel bored throughout the time of your travel and probably will share your loneliness. So, taking your spouse on your business … Read more

Women as Entrepreneurs and Employees in Technology Business (Infographic)

Women Made Incremental Progress in Tech the Past Few Years (Infographic)

The word feminism finds its true meaning in a capitalist country like the U.S., where equal opportunities are given to all without any gender discrimination. But when it comes to techno-commerce, women seem to lag behind for various reasons. Women have certainly made good progress in the start-up world, but there is still some scope in the industry. Though Silicon … Read more

A Startup or a Corporation : What is your career choice?

Startup VS Corporation Infographic

As a young and fresh executive, you are always in a dilemma what road to take – a startup or corporate. Both have some merits and demerits. But it is a question of your career; any wrong move and your career will go downhill. In this situation, a candidate has to act smart. We have … Read more