Best Google Pixel Wallet Cases: Rich in Style, Strong in Material

Best Google Pixel Wallet Cases

Wallet cases easily stand out of a vast range of smartphone cases. Apart from its construction, users particularly like a number of features each wallet case offers. Since Google has recently launched its two flagship smartphones – Pixel and Pixel XL – people have begun to search for cases for Google Pixel and Pixel Phone … Read more

Best Bumper Cases for Google Pixel XL: Made of Finest Materials by Top Brands

Best Google Pixel XL Bumper Cases

Bumper cases provide best protection to your Google Pixel XL. In addition to security, these Google Pixel XL bumper cases are stylish; they effortlessly enhance style quotient of your personality. Made from different materials, every bumper protective case for Pixel XL has a single purpose to protect your smartphone. Popularity of Pixel XL Bumper Covers … Read more

How to Use Google Pixel’s Smart Storage Feature to Free Up Space

How to Use Google Pixel’s Smart Storage Feature to Free Up Space

The more storage your phone offers, the more you will be lured to store. This is what happens with many Google Pixel phone owners these days. The two latest smartphones from Google provide you good storage capacity; the internal storage capacity starts from 32GB and ends with 128GB. This clearly means that you have got … Read more

Best Google Pixel Phone Armbands: Give a Pixel Rush to Your Daily Workouts

Best Google Pixel Phone Armbands

Google Pixel armbands provide excellent company to fitness enthusiasts during their workouts. Whether you regularly exercise at your residence, gym or outside, the best Google Pixel and Pixel XL armbands available can be used for added convenience and utility. Most of these armbands have well-combined features that complement your smartphone while providing it maximum security … Read more

Google Pixel and Pixel XL Phone Features, Price and Specifications

Google Pixel and Pixel Phone Features, Price and Specifiations

Finally, Google has sealed the lips of rumour mongers by launching two smartphones: Pixel and Pixel XL in its event in San Francisco. No more teases and rumours, just official announcement by Google on its flagship Pixel smartphones. The Pixels are Google’s latest brand of first-rate Android smartphones, which are available exclusively on Verizon in … Read more