Best iPhone and Android Apps to Buy And Sell Old Stuff

Best iPhone and Android Apps for Selling Used Stuff

Need to get rid of your old stuff but find a hard time to do so? There are so many like you who are tired and want to sell their stuff online, but time and proper solution is what is not there. We understand this and have come with a solution that will help you … Read more

Best Meditation Apps for Android and iPhone

Meditation Apps to Beat Daily Stress and Rejuvenate Yourself

In today’s time and space, stress is a killer, both literally and figuratively. A number of people feel the impact of stress no matter whether they are young or old. With the strain of various day to day responsibilities of modern day living, almost everyone feels the cold, dark shadow of stress wreaking havoc with … Read more

How to Play Chess on Facebook Messenger App in Your Smartphone

How to Play Chess in Facebook Messenger

Till date you have been using Facebook Messenger to exchange funny jokes, chats, some beautiful content etc. But if you get to know that you can play chess on the app, how would you react? Obviously, you will be surprised or maybe shocked and probably reject the claim. Hold your breath guys! It’s a fact, … Read more

How to Type Bold, Italics and Strikethrough Text in WhatsApp Chat

How to Type Bold, Italics and Strikethrough Text in WhatsApp Chat

One of the best text messaging apps in the world WhatsApp has introduced three amazing features. Now, you can type and make particular words bold, italics and strikethrough in WhatsApp. I don’t think that any other messaging app offers such features. Perhaps WhatsApp has got this inspiration from Microsoft Word, where users can easily set … Read more

Tips on How to Use iPhone/iPad Mail App Like a Pro

Tips on how to use Mail app in iOS 9 on iPhone

Mail app on your iPhone or iPad can do wonders. There are multiple usages of a Mail app; you can control Preview, Swipe Options, Flag Style and more. More and more people are using iPhone to manage their emails, and hence, some tricks are important to know to better use mail app on your iPhone. … Read more