iPhone Guide – How to Make the Screen Darker

iPhone dark screen

While iPhones look amazing with their brightness levels at max, no one can deny the fact that they can be harmful to the eyes. Don’t you just hate it when you use your iPhone in the middle of the night to check a notification and the screen’s light burns so bright that it hurts your … Read more

[Full Guide] App Library Stopped Working on iPhone?

App Library

The App Library is one of the best features that Apple introduced in iOS 14 for iPhones and there is no doubt about that. Users have a much easier time finding their apps because they are now automatically categorized by genre in the App Library. On the downside of things, this is still a new … Read more

[Full Guide] How to Add Spotify Widget on iPhone

Add Spotify Widget on iPhone

Apple is always introducing software improvements to iPhones by releasing iOS updates. The latest update sports the iOS 14 version number and one of the best features that it introduced is called Widgets. Even though Android fans have had access to this feature for a long time now, it has finally arrived on iOS. iPhone … Read more

How to Fix Phone App Not Working on iPhone

Phone App

The Phone App is undoubtedly the most important app available on an iPhone. The app is used to place or receive calls, find out who called you, and access your voicemails. This is why when the Phone App stops working, it needs to be fixed ASAP. If the Phone App keeps freezing or crashing on … Read more