How to Move Notes from Evernote to Apple Notes on iPhone and Mac

How to Move Files from Evernote to Apple Notes on iPhone and Mac

Transferring notes from Evernote to Apple Notes App is one of the primary things done by users, who migrate from Android to iOS. Normally, Android users have to rely on this third-party app Evernote as there is no default app. While iOS users have the benefit of Notes, which is a stock app. Though Evernote … Read more

How to Transfer Files from Android to Mac [Ultimate Guide]

How to Transfer Files from Android to Mac

If you are using Android Phone and Mac, and want to transfer documents from Android Phone to Mac, then you won’t be able to do it using iTunes. To share files from Android device to Mac, you need some third party software or you can move it via any Wi-Fi transfer online website. Check this … Read more

How to Install Windows 10 on Macbook Pro by Using Boot Camp

How to Get Windows on Mac by Using Boot Camp

Windows and Mac are popular brands in the world of computer and both compete with each other to occupy more market share in the world. Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s macOS have got large fan following across the globe. However, when it comes to user-friendly interface, Windows has got an edge over macOS. This motivates many … Read more

How to Get New MacBook Pro Touch Bar on Older Mac and iPad

How to Get New MacBook Pro Touch Bar on any other Old Mac and iPad

The latest MacBook Pro with a thin Touch Bar has impressed many Apple users. This innovative touchscreen strip makes all the difference for users, who are using the MacBook Pro for the first time. Sensing some great usefulness, other MacBook users dare also pining for this Touch Bar. This new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar … Read more

How to Charge Your iPhone Battery with New MacBook Pro [Guide]

How to Charge your iPhone with New MacBook Pro

Apple releases its products with some exciting new features. Every year, the brand launches new products in the same line; for example, this year people have witnessed two mega events during which iPhone 7/7 Plus and MacBook Pro were introduced. MacBook Pro’s was a surprise entry in October 2016. Apple has crafted a nice piece … Read more

Apple’s MacBook Pro 2016: Features, Specifications, and Price

Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Features, Specifications, and Price

“This week marks the 25th anniversary of Apple’s first notebook; through the years each generation has introduced new innovations and capabilities, and it’s fitting that this all-new generation of MacBook Pro is the biggest leap forward yet,” Philip Schiller, Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing, Apple, said this in a press statement. ‘Hello Again’ from Apple … Read more