Skin4Gadgets iPhone 6s Plus Designer Case: Elegance Personified

Skin4Gadgets iPhone 6s Plus Wooden Case

Smartphone accessories have always made me fall for every time I explore websites of iPhone or Android phone accessories. Cases, though they are quite unassuming, are my favourite apart from power banks. However, there is a remarkable difference between the two products. External Power banks cannot be aesthetically powerful like cases. Customized iPhone cases are … Read more

Pilot Smart Language Translator Earpiece : Travellers’ Delight

Pilot Smart Language Translator Earpiece

Science fictions have always inspired technocrats to produce innovative products. When in 1974, during an interview with Australian Broadcasting Corporation, sci-fi writer Arthur C. Clarke described a future of now-common internet-enabled personal computers, people were sceptical of his remark. Today, our smartphones and tablets give little surprise to our kids. Similarly, there were frequent scenes … Read more

The Dash: World’s First Wireless Smart Earphones From Bragi

Shut your ears to those painful sounds of grinding, trilling, tooting, howling, screeching, booming, crashing, whistling…and listen to pure music that pampers your senses. Sounds impossible, right? With Bragi’s revolutionary new earphones, you can actually turn deaf ears to every other noise and enjoy your favourite songs. Dash is the latest innovation from Bragi. The … Read more

Godrej Goldilocks Personal Locker: Your Everyday Locker for Small Valuables

Godrej Goldilocks Personal Locker

Godrej Goldilocks is your personal digital locker you can use to store small valuables like your Jewellery, Gold, Silver, Money and others. Unlike a bank locker, which is immovable and stores your precious things, this portable mini Godrej Goldilocks locker is meant for your personal belongings. Godrej is a leading brand that deals in crafting … Read more

SoundShare: Connect with your Friends Musically

Soundshare App Review

After three months of free trial, many users have switched to paid version of Apple Music. Apple Music has set very high benchmarks, and therefore, we can’t help ourselves compare this SoundShare with one of the best music apps. What is unique about SoundShare is not streaming music, but your social network that has music … Read more