watchOS 5 – Top 10 Essential Tips & Tricks

watchOS 5 Tips and Tricks

Apple launched Watch Series 4 last year and the wearable device has been so successful that it’s considered to be the best smartwatch available on the market right now. Apple is usually dominating the smartphone market but Watch Series 4 has helped Apple take over the wearable market as well. One of the primary reasons … Read more

Top 8 Tips & Tricks for Apple Watch Series 4

Watch Series 4 Best Tips & Tricks

Did you just get a new Apple Watch Series 4 for Christmas? The smartwatch was one of the most popular gifts that people found wrapped under the tree during Christmas morning. Although Watch Series 4 is the best smartwatch available on the market right now and therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise everyone wants … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Watch – Top Five Features

Featured Galaxy Watch

One of the things that separates Samsung from all other tech companies is the fact that Samsung loves to dabble in all aspects of technology. Obviously, Samsung rules the smartphone industry with its Galaxy S lineup, but the South Korean based tech giant also offers a bunch of high-end wearable devices such as the highly … Read more

Best Android and iOS Smartwatches

Smartwatches have been available on the tech market for a couple of years now. However, there weren’t that many devices to choose from because large tech companies like Samsung, Apple and Huawei took a while before they started producing their own smartwatches. Fortunately, the smartwatch industry proved to be successful and this attracted the attention … Read more

How to Update Apple Watch Apps

How to Update Apple Watch Apps

Like iPhone apps, your Apple Watch apps also need to be updated. When you update an app on your iPhone, its effect will be seen on your Apple Watch as well. However, you need to turn Automatic App Install ON in your My Watch section. Check this quick tutorial to update Apple Watch Apps. In … Read more

How to Delete or Uninstall Apps from Apple Watch

How to Delete or Uninstall Apps from Apple Watch

Unlike installing apps, removing apps from Apple Watch doesn’t require your iPhone. You can delete any app directly from your iWatch. Before you get rid of any Apple Watch app, it is advisable to use list view instead of grid view on your watch. This will give you a better user interface to delete apps … Read more

How to Download and Install Apps on Apple Watch

How to Download and Install Apps on Apple Watch

When you pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone for the first time, you are asked to install third party iPhone apps on your iWatch. However, you can select the option to download apps on Apple Watch later. In case, you have installed your iPhone apps on your Apple Watch, you can always add more … Read more

How to Check iPhone Battery Life from Apple Watch

How to Check iPhone Battery Life from Apple Watch

You know how to see your Apple Watch battery status from your iPhone. And now you want to see your iPhone’s battery status from the paired Apple Watch. Is it possible? Yes, it is possible and pretty much easy. But unlike your iPhone, which has the facility of widgets, your Apple Watch has to rely … Read more

How to Check Apple Watch Battery Status from iPhone

How to Check Apple Watch Battery Life Status from iPhone

Normally, I keep my Apple Watch Series 3 and iPhone together – watch on my wrist and iPhone in my pocket or hand. However, when I put my Apple Watch to charge, I cannot keep it with me (obviously). While roaming around, I want to check my watch battery percentage; in other words, I want … Read more

Apple Watch Doesn’t Connect to WiFi? Here is How to Fix It

How to Fix Apple Watch Not Connecting to WiFi Network Issue

Apple Watch’s WiFi connection (pun intended) solely depends on the iPhone, unless you are using Apple Watch Series 3 LTE model. The first two series cannot independently use Wi-fi network. But our concern is not the connection, but disconnection as many users have found that their Apple Watch doesn’t connect to WiFi. The solutions to … Read more