How to Enable Twitter Safe Search on iPhone and iPad

Twitter Logo

Out of all the social media apps available on iPhone and iPad, we think it’s safe to say that Twitter is the most essential one. There are more than 330 million monthly active users on Twitter and you can find all your favorite celebrities, politicians, and athletes on the platform. However, we can’t deny the … Read more

Top GIF Maker Apps for iPhone and iPad

iPhone GIF Makers

Even though sharing photos might be a great way to post photos on social media and express yourself when chatting with friends, GIFs do a much better job at that. Creating a GIF and sharing it on Instagram is the best way to get people’s attention, especially if you make it funny! On the downside … Read more

How to Enable Nightstand Mode from Apple Watch and iPhone

Apple Watch Nightstand Mode

What makes Apple Watches such amazing devices is the fact that they are equipped with a plethora of useful features. That’s not all. Apple is constantly updating watchOS with improvements and Nightstand Mode is the perfect example of that. The new mode was introduced in a recent watchOS update and when it is enabled and … Read more

How to Add Multiple Instagram Accounts on Android

How to Use Multiple Instagram Accounts on Android

Instagram is one of the best photo sharing apps people are using on their smartphones. But pro-users always like to have more than one Instagram account as they manage official and personal accounts. So here we have created a small tutorial on how to add multiple Instagram Accounts on Android Phone. If you are one … Read more

How To Know Who Ignored Your Friend Request on Facebook

How to See Who has ignored Your Friend Request on Facebook

It hurts when someone deletes your friend request on Facebook. But unfortunately, this social media king doesn’t let you know the name of that person who is not ready to accept your request for virtual friendship on Facebook. Well, there is a way to see rejected friend requests on Facebook. Take a quick tour of … Read more

How to Link Twitter Account with Facebook and Vice-versa

How to Link Twitter Account with Facebook and Vice-versa

Two popular social media Twitter and Facebook can be linked with each other. There is no rocket science behind connecting Twitter account with your Facebook profile or page and the other way round. This gives you liberty to share the same content with a single effort. Excited to do this? Check this complete guide to … Read more