Top 5 Tips for Apple Watch Series 5

Top 5 Tips for Apple Watch Series 5

Did you recently buy a new Apple Watch Series 5 and are looking for some tips on how to use the gadget to its full potential? If that is the case, then you are in luck! We know that figuring out the hidden features takes time and most people don’t want to waste it fiddling … Read more

MacBook Pro Touch Bar Best Tips and Tricks in 2022

MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Apple is always looking for new ways to innovate the design and performances of its devices with the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar being the perfect example of that. The Touch Bar looks amazing and it puts lots of useful features at your fingertips. Despite being so useful, most MacBook Pro users forget to use it. … Read more

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

Considering that iPhone 12 Pro Max is priced at $1099, it should come as no surprise to find out that the repair costs for a broken display or scratched corner are quite expensive. This is why you might want to consider purchasing a special iPhone 12 Pro Max case that will keep the device at … Read more

macOS Big Sur Guide – How to See Battery Usage

macOS Big Sur

It’s been a couple of months since Apple released macOS Big Sur and Mac users are still discovering new and useful features hidden inside the operating system. macOS Big Sur introduced a bundle of improvements and the one that stands out the most was the improvements to battery saving. Apple decided to replace the “Energy … Read more

How to Reset HomePod and HomePod Mini

Reset HomePod and HomePod Mini

HomePod Mini is a super useful device to have around the house but at this is the case with all tech gadgets, it sometimes needs to be restarted. Performing a full restart does much more than turn off and open a device, it also resets all settings to default. This is particularly useful if your … Read more

How to Fix iPhone Keeps Dropping Calls

iPhone Keeps Dropping Calls Fix

Even though smartphones are equipped with a plethora of innovative features nowadays, their most essential one is the ability to make and receive phone calls. With that being said, there’s nothing more annoying when it comes to iPhones other than when they start dropping calls. There is a number of factors that can cause the … Read more