Top 5 Earbugs Review and Buying Guide in 2020

Top 5 Earbugs Review and Buying Guide in 2020

If you love listening to music while going on with your daily life, then buying a premium pair of wireless earbugs is the best thing that you can do. Usually, people have to choose between amazing sound quality or having to deal with the annoyance of wires. Fortunately, this is not the case anymore. The … Read more

Top 6 watchOS 6 Features That Will Blow You Away!

Top Six WatchOS 6 Features

Apple struck gold when it launched Watch Series 4. This smartwatch quickly became a global hit and it was classified as the best smartwatch available on the market, especially since it ships with lots of health-related features such as the newly implanted EKG system which is so accurate that Apple fans can its scans even … Read more

The Best Gear S3 Frontier and Classic Apps

The Best Gear S3 Apps

The Gear S3 Frontier and Classic are some of the best smartwatches that people can purchase right now. They offer reliable hardware specs and a beautiful design that is paired with a rotating bezel which makes the user experience smooth and pleasant. Although, there isn’t such a thing as a “perfect device” and the Gear … Read more

watchOS 5.2 Beta 4 – Simplified Installation Guide

WatchOS 5.2 Beta 4 Installation Guide

Recent reports have been showing that Apple dominated the wearables market in Q4 2018 and the Cupertino based tech giant has Watch Series 4 to thank for. Watch Series 4 was launched last year and many tech reviewers are dubbing it as the “best smartwatch”. The reason why Apple’s wearable device is doing so well … Read more

Useful Apple Watch Tips and Trick for New Users

Useful Apple Watch Tips & Tricks

Did you just get a brand-new Apple Watch? Well, you are in for a surprise because the Apple Watch is much more than a simple accessory. Apple’s latest Watch Series 4 is dubbed as the best smartwatch ever made because of the plethora of features that it has to offer. In fact, Apple packed so … Read more

watchOS 5 – Top 10 Essential Tips & Tricks

watchOS 5 Tips and Tricks

Apple launched Watch Series 4 last year and the wearable device has been so successful that it’s considered to be the best smartwatch available on the market right now. Apple is usually dominating the smartphone market but Watch Series 4 has helped Apple take over the wearable market as well. One of the primary reasons … Read more

Top Five Best Galaxy Watch Accessories

Galaxy Watch Featured

Galaxy Watch is the latest wearable device from Samsung and every Android fan wants one! This smartwatch was unveiled at the same time as Galaxy Note 9 and it managed to steal the spotlight from the flagship smartphone because of sleek it looked. Not just that, but Galaxy Watch is also paired with lots of … Read more