With technology getting better and better, voice commands are becoming more common. It is easier for us to use our voice and search for something rather than typing. These voice searches are available to us because of Google Now. Google has given a default wake word ‘OK Google’ and ‘Hey Google‘; but some users find it a little boring to say Ok Google or Hey Google every time. Well, you can change Google Now commands from OK Google to something else.

With the app called “Open Mic+”, you can change ok Google Voice command to anything else from your Android Phone.

How to Change Google Now Command from OK Google to Anything Else

How to Change OK Google Voice Command to Something Else

How should I proceed? We have got you covered.

Before we move ahead, you need to check a few things:

  • Your device needs to have Android Jellybean 4.4 or higher version.
  • You need to have an updated version of “Google Now” app.
  • You need to download “Open Mic+” app from Google Play Store.

Now let’s start.

Step #1: Download and Install Open Mic+ app from Google Play store and Launch it.

Step #2: A pop-up message will appear asking you to disable Google Now Word detection.

Step #3: Go to Settings.

Step #4: Then tap on Voice.

Tap on Voice

Step #5: Now, tap on ‘OK Google’ detection.

Tap on OK Google Detection

Step #6: Now toggle off Say ‘OK Google’ anytime.

Disable Say Ok Google Anytime

Step #7: Go back to the “Open Mic+” app and tap on the Pencil icon next to say “Okay Google” option.

Step #8: Now type in any new command that you want to use and tap on Set. Here, we have used “Hello” for example.

Tap on Pencil icon and enter anyother Wake Word

Step #9: Finally, tap on the green play button to test the command.

Tap on Play button to test command

You are all set up now. From now on, whenever you’re using voice search you can use a command of your own choice. It may not be necessary for you to do this but it can be really cool if you can keep a command of your own!

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  1. Apparently, it works only on android phones. The author of this misleading article should have mentioned at the beginning that what he meant by “Android devices” excluded android tablets.


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