How to Check Which Google Account is Signed to Google Home App

Google Home is arguably one of the best smart and intelligent speakers you would like to bring home. With dirt cheap prices, people have begun to buy more than one Google Home devices for their personal use. This has given birth to a fashion of broadcasting voice messages to Google Home devices on iPhone and Android. A step further, Google Home allows multiple users and multiple Google Accounts to sign in as a family normally comprises of more than one member. In this situation, it is essential to find which Google Account is linked into the Google Home app.

Why should you view which Google Accounts are signed into Google Home app? Well, as a common user or as pro-user, you may have more than one Google Accounts linked with the Google Home app. AS happens with other Google services, your Google Home may be tracking your activities. And if you have dedicated a particular Google Account to your Home, you should see which Google Account is signed into Google Home app.

How to Check Which Google Account is Signed to Google Home App

How to Check Which Google Account is Linked to Google Home App

To share personalized results on Google Home and mini, you must be logged into the same Google ID that is linked with Google Home.

Step #1: Need to ensure that your smart phone or tablet is connected with the same Wi-fi network as your Google Home device.

Step #2: Launch Google Home app on your phone or tablet.

Step #3: Tap on Device from the top right corner of the App.

Step #4: Simply, scroll down to find the device card for Google Home device.

Step #5: Tap on device card menu and then go to settings.

Step #6: Here, you will find Linked accounts and Google Accounts linked to specific Google home devices.

That’s it!

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