One of the admirable features on Apple Watch Series 3 is cellular. This helps you use your watch independently without pairing it with your iPhone. However, you need to check cellular data usage on Apple Watch Series 3.

Note that you cannot rely on your smart watch to view current data usage from Apple Watch as you have to set up cellular on Apple Watch Series 3. Simply use your Watch app on paired iPhone to find out how much total cellular data you have used.

How to Check Cellular Data Usage on Apple Watch Series 3

Step #1: Open Watch app on your iPhone (which is paired with your smart watch).

Step #2: Next, tap on My Watch tab from the bottom.

Step #3: Now tap on Cellular.

Step #4: You will find data usage under Cellular Data Usage section.

How to Enable and Disable Cellular Data on Apple Watch Series 3

Turning off cellular on Apple Watch Series 3 is always a good idea as this not only saves your data but also reduces burden on battery of the watch. To Enable or disable cellular data on your Apple Watch Series 3, simply bring up Control Center by swiping up on watch face. And then tap on Cellular button to turn it ON or OFF.

It is done!

Cellular is unarguably one of the best features come with Apple Watch Series 3; this one feature has clearly surpassed other smart features like heart rate monitor. Pro users have appreciated its independence as they can now make calls and send/receive messages on their Apple Watch Series 3.

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