How To Check Activation Lock Status Of iPhone via Apple Support Page

If there is one feature that sets Apple’s iPhone and iPad apart from other smart devices is its security. Even if you lost your device or it is stolen by somebody, you can find your Apple phone; or at least you can make your iPhone or iPad useless for the culprit.

Apple had an online tool Find My iPhone Activation Lock. This tool was designed to stop anyone else from using your iOS device if your device is lost or stolen.

But Apple has taken down iCloud activation lock web page and it doesn’t work for users, who are looking for their missing devices.

Thankfully, UnlockBoot has found a solution to check iPhone Activation Lock status by IMEI via Apple’s Support website. This solution will enable buyers to confirm that the second hand device is not a stolen one.

Before you go ahead and check your iPhone’s Activation Lock status, note that the solution doesn’t always work; so there is a fifty-fifty chance of success.

Apple has taken down iCloud Activation lock status page to prevent hackers from using serial numbers of stolen iOS devices.


How to Check iPhone Activation Lock Status from Apple Support Pages

Step #1: Open Apple Support website in browser.

Step #2: On the web page, you will find a list of iOS devices; you need to click on iPhone.

Click on iPhone

Step #3: Now click on Repairs & Physical Damage square.

Click on Repair and Physical Damage

Step #4: Under Repairs & Physical Damage section, you need to click ‘Display is cracked’ tab.

Click on any option like display is cracked

Step #5: Here, select the option ‘Bring in for Repair’.

Click on bring in for repair

Step #6: You will be prompted to enter your Apple ID and password.(Follow this guide if you have Forgotten Apple ID Password)

Enter Apple ID and Password

Step #7: Next, you need to provide your iOS device’s serial number, IMEI, or MEID to check its Activation Lock status.

If ‘Find My iPhone’ and Activation Lock are enabled on your iOS device, you will see a message “Sorry but we can’t create a repair while Find my iPhone is active”.


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Note that if you can’t see the option listed, head back and choose a different device problem.

Your iOS device stolen is a rare situation in your digital life, but you should be prepared for any challenge. And therefore, this is essential information you should be aware of.

Similarly, iPhone activation error is also a rare fault users encounter in their iOS life. To fix iPhone activation errors, you need to follow some workarounds.

iPhone and iPad users also experience iMessage Waiting for Activation error on devices; we have listed a few solutions to fix iMessage Waiting for Activation error on iPhone.

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