Touch Bar on MacBook Pros (2016 and 2016 editions) is undoubtedly a revolutionary feature launched by Apple. Post the launch of OLED Touch Bar, many non-Pro users wanted to experience this on their MacBooks. And when that celebrated Touch Bar would become unresponsive or got stuck, users would run amok to find solutions. The remarkable Touch Bar allows users to interact with apps in completely innovative ways. However, this Touch Bar also stores users’ Touch ID. So what is wrong? Nothing wrong, but what if you want to sell your MacBook Pro? Would you sell it with your fingerprints stored on the Touch Bar? This means, you need to clear MacBook Pro Touch Bar data.

When you delete your MacBook Pro Touch Bar data, you also ensure smooth working of the feature. When you get rid of Touch Bar data from your MacBook Pro, you will remove Touch ID information and it will reset all Touch Bar related configurations you have done earlier.

If you have made up your mind to erase Touch Bar data on your MacBook Pro, this tutorial will help you. Follow the steps given below and you can easily remove your MacBook Pro Touch Bar data.

How to Clear MacBook Pro Touch Bar and Touch ID Data

How to Delete MacBook Pro Touch Bar and Touch ID Data

Step #1: Press Command + R keys on your Mac keyboard during startup to enter macOS Recovery mode.

Step #2: When your Mac restarts, release both keys.

Step #3: When macOS Utilities window shows up, go to Utilities → Terminal in the Menu bar.

Step #4: In Terminal, you need to type a command: xartutil --erase-all.

Step #5: After typing this command, hit Return on keyboard.

Step #6: Mac will ask your confirmation (if you really want to remove Touch Bar data). You need to type ‘Yes’ and then hit Return on your Mac keyboard.

Step #7: Next, restart your Mac normally.

Upon restart, your Touch Bar data is successfully cleared from your MacBook Pro.

If you want to check if the data is really removed, check your Touch ID settings from System Preferences → Touch ID.

Your MacBook Pro will ask you to set up new Touch ID again, and this indicates that your Touch Bar and Touch ID data are cleared successfully.

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