Your PlayStation may offer you a 500GB or 1TB space to load games. This seems a huge space for you when you are a beginner. When you become a pro gamer, the space issues crop up as you download 15 to 20 games and the space on your console gets consumed. Moreover, you like to buy the latest versions of popular games, and this exacerbates the issue. You wish you could use an external hard disk with PlayStation 4.

Well, your wish is fulfilled as you can use an external hard drive with PS4. And it is as easy as connecting a compatible external hard drive. Remember that you need a USB 3.0 external hard disk and you can upgrade your PlayStation 4 storage with an external hard drive.

How to Connect and Use an External Hard Disk With PS4

How to Use an External Hard Drive with PlayStation 4

Step #1. First off, connect your external hard drive with Playstation 4 via USB port.

Step #2. Go to Settings from menu.

Step #3. Click on devices from settings.

Step #4. Click on USB Storage devices.

Step #5. Next, click on External USB hard drive you want to use it.

Step #6. Finally, click on format as extended storage.

How to Move Games to External hard Drive from PS4

Step #1. From menu, Go to Settings.

Step #2. Click on Storage.

Step #3. Click on System Storage.

Step #4. Choose Applications and Click on X.

Step #5. Click on Options.

Step #6. Choose Move to Extended Storage

Step #7. Choose the games you want to transfer by hitting X next to each game title.

Step #8. Click on Move.

How to Disconnect an external hard drive from PlayStation 4

Step #1. Go to Settings from menu.

Step #2. Next, you need to click on devices.

Step #3. Then click USB Storage devices.

Step #4. Finally, click on stop using the extended storage.

That’s done!

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Isn’t it easy? Gone are the days when users could connect their external hard drives with laptops and desktop computers only. Now the role and responsibility of your external hard disks are expanded. Make the most of latest technology and make your life more comfortable and fun.

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