How to Connect Apple Watch Series 3 to WiFi

Year 2017 marks the independence of Apple Watch from iPhone as you can use cellular data on your Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular). However, if you have purchased an Apple Watch Series 3 without Cellular feature, you can use WiFi network on your watch. Moreover, you can connect your cellular Apple Watch with a WiFi network if you are not willing to use its LTE feature. Save cellular data for emergency and connect Apple Watch Series 3 to WiFi.

Since Apple Watch normally mirrors contents from the paired iPhone, it doesn’t have become independent to connect with a WiFi network on its own. The watch doesn’t have Auto-Join Wi-fi screen, a screen to choose networks, or an option to dictate or Scribble in passwords. This clearly means your Apple Watch cannot connect to a Wi-fi if your iPhone is not connected to the network.

Another important thing users should note is the Wi-fi Hotspot; when your iPhone is connected to any Wi-fi Hotspot, it automatically syncs the data with Apple Watch. Using this data, Apple Watch then connects to that Wi-fi network. Surprisingly, Apple Watch remembers this and connects with the same Wi-fi network in future when you reach that location only with your watch. In this way, you can make the most of Apple Watch’s Wi-fi strength in using Messages, Maps, and other third-party apps whether you own an Apple Watch Cellular or a Series 0 Apple Watch.

But Apple Watch’s WiFi strength has a limit, and you should be familiar with these limitations.

  • You cannot connect your watch with a new Wi-fi network without connecting your iPhone with the network first.
  • Your iPhone will never work on iCloud Keychain; you need to pair your Apple Watch with iPhone when the latter is connected with the network.
  • Apple Watch has ability to use only 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz networks and not 5GHz networks.
  • You should not connect your Apple Watch with any public network with interstitial captive; for example, hotel login, Google Starbucks terms and conditions acceptance, or other subscription detail.

How to Connect Apple Watch Series 3 to WiFi

How to Connect Apple Watch Series 3 to WiFi

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How to Connect WiFi on Apple Watch Series 3

Step #1: Swipe Up from the Watch Face to launch Control Center on your Apple Watch.

Step #2: Tap onWifi icon to turn on.

How to Disconnect WiFi on Apple Watch Series 3

Step #1: Bring up the Control Center on your Apple Watch.

Step #2: Finally, tap onWifi icon to turn off.

The Wifi icon will dim and your Apple Watch will disconnect from any network that you have previously connected to. Once you disconnect Wifi from Apple Watch, it won’t automatically connect the Wi-Fi network that you disconnected until you do any of these things:

  • Turn on Wi-Fi in Control Center.
  • Go for walk or drive to a new location.
  • It’s 5:00 a.m. local time.
  • if you restart your Apple Watch.

How to know if your Apple Watch is connected with Wi-fi network or Cellular

When your Apple Watch is connected with a Wi-fi network and not with your iPhone or cellular, it shows a different icon or symbol when you bring up Control Center by swiping up its watch face. You can see a green “Connected” cloud symbol, or blue Wi-fi bars (only in Cellular models).

Apple Watch is Connected to a WiFI Network

Apple Watch is Connected to a Cellular Network

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