How to Connect Cellular Apple Watch With Android Phone

Apple Watch Series 3 is introduced with an Cellular facility, and this could be one of the biggest changes came with latest smart watch. This standalone watch can now be paired with Android in a different way.

Before you do this on your Android phone with Apple Watch, note that it will drain your battery like anything as your smart watch will be using LTE connection only.

Moreover, your Apple Watch will stop sending fitness alerts on your Android phone. You cannot use features like international calling and sending and receiving SMS messages from watch.

With this in your mind, you can go ahead and connect cellular Apple Watch with Android phone.

Before you pair LTE Apple Watch with Android, you need to ponder over two important points: first, you must have an iPhone with you.

If you think that you can pair your Android phone with this latest Apple Watch Series 3, it is your fallacy.

Second important point is that you need to set up your Apple Watch with your existing iPhone, and then you can remove iPhone’s SIM card and insert the same into the Android phone.

After taking the SIM out of your iPhone, put it on Airplane mode so that your Apple Watch doesn’t get connected with iPhone or remember Wi-fi networks.

How to Connect Cellular Apple Watch With Android Phone


Who would like Pair Apple Watch With Android Phones?

If you are a part of a big family where members use both iPhones and Android phones, you can go ahead with this workaround.

This will enable you to sync your health data and iCloud calendars with an iPhone. This way you can keep your Android device with you and Apple Watch around your wrist.

Warning: Don’t set up your Apple Watch on your friend’s iPhone as this means greater security threats. So never use your friend or colleague’s iPhone.

You should also note that this workaround may disappear anytime once you update software or change carrier settings.

Things you need…

Do you still want to go ahead and connect Apple Watch with Android Phone?

  • Get an unlocked iPhone 6 or later devices.
  • Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular watch (factory default).
  • An unlocked Android phone with a microSIM card slot.
  • Mobile network supporting Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular models.
  • A tool to remove SIM card.


How to Connect Cellular Apple Watch with Android Phone

How to Connect Cellular Apple Watch with Android Phone

Step #1: First off, take SIM cards out of your iPhone and Android phone.

Step #2: Insert Android phone SIM into iPhone.

Step #3: After data connection is enabled, launch Watch app on your iPhone.

Step #4: You need to set up your smart watch and add to your carrier’s mobile network.

Step #5: Once you finish setting up your Apple Watch, you need to insert your iPhone SIM into the Android phone.

Step #6: Finally, you should toggle Airplane mode ON and OFF. This will ensure that your watch connects to mobile network.

Now you can use cellular Apple Watch with Android.

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