How to Connect IFTTT with Google Home

Google home has always been a friendly companion for its owner. It has incredible ability to interact with the user in services like search mastery and voice – control. Multiple devices and services can be connected with this smart speaker and it will continue to serve the results as long as its battery lasts. One such feature which is quite often used with this speaker is IFTTT. Expanded term is “If This, Then That”, which serves as the medium to connect with electronic devices that can’t communicate with each other. It creates the chain of conditional commands and statements which can be customized by the user to accomplish the task they want to perform like sending mail via voice – control or give update of any situation at your command. Use IFTTT with Google Home to automate some of your work and save plentiful time. Let’s find out how to connect IFTTT with Google Home.

How to Connect IFTTT with Google Home

How to Connect IFTTT with Google Home

Step #1: In the address bar of your web browser, type “” and create an account or sign in with the existing one. You can also download the “IFTTT” app in your smartphone.

Open and Click on Signin

Step #2: After logging in, click the search button in the menu bar.

Click on Search button

Step #3: Type “Google Assistant” in the search box. Click on the Google Assistant icon when it appears.

Enter Google Assistant in Search box

Step #4: Click on the “Connect” button.

Click on Connect button

Step #5: Log in with your Google account that is previously linked with Google Home. If you have the Google Home app installed on your smartphone, launch it and navigate to the “Menu” button and tap “Settings”. The associated account will be shown under “Linked Account(s)”.

Select email id connected with Google home

Step #6: Click “Allow” to provide IFTTT access to your Google Home’s interface.

Click on Allow button

Step #7: After completing the above steps, Google Assistant Channel will be available. Now its time to create applets, where Google Home will be used as the trigger. Click your account name followed by “New Applet” to start creating.

Click on New Applet

Step #8: Click on “this”.

Click on this

Step #9: In the search box, type “Google Assistant” and click on the result.

Enter Google Assistant in Search box and click on it

Step #10: Choose the type of trigger you want. You will be shown four phrases to select from consisting of a “text ingredient”, “a simple phrase”, “a phrase with numbers and a text ingredient”, and “a phrase with a number”.

Select Trigger Action

Step #11: Write the text which you will speak to trigger the command. Click “Create trigger” after finishing.

Enter Details to complete trigger fields

Step #12: Click on “that” to cast an action.

Click on that

Step #13: Browse for the channel you want to be triggered and click on it. Here, we will be choosing “SMS”.

Choose action Service

Enter Pin Number received in your phone

Step #14: After you have customized it accordingly, click on “Create action”.

Step #15: Analyze your action and click “Finish” if it’s appropriate.

You’ve successfully connected Google Home to IFTTT. Make a command and see the how tasks get done. Create various applets and set chains of commands to rule over your activities with the voice – control feature of Google Home. This is the key function of IFTTT, to save your precious time at work or at home by granting you to do so much without even breaking a sweat.

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