Siri will be your primary assistant to control HomePod, but if you don’t want to give your tongue any exertion, you can control HomePod with touch gestures.

On the top of HomePod, there is a touch surface that helps you perform gesture-based commands. The touch gestures have their own limitations; you cannot browse music library or control HomeKit devices. However, these touch commands give you comfortable controls of your HomePod.

How to Control HomePod with Touch Gestures

How to Use Touch Gestures to Control HomePod

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By using Touch Surface, you can control HomePod music playback and HomePod volume.

How to Use Touch Surface to Control HomePod Music Playback

Step #1: Tap once on touch surface to play or pause music.

Step #2: Double-tap on touch surface to skip to the next track.

Step #3: Triple-tap on touch surface will skip back to the previous track.

How to Use Touch Surface to Control HomePod Volume

Step #1: Tap once on the + button on touch surface to increase volume in regular increases.

Step #2: To continually amplify the volume, touch and hold the + button on a touch surface.

Step #3: A single tap on – button on touch surface to decrease the volume in regular decreases.

Step #4: Touch and hold – button to continually decrease the volume.

That’s all friends! Alternatively, you can use VoiceOver to control your HomePod.

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