Amazon Echo is a perfect voice assistant device you can use to control other smart devices. However, its primary responsibility is to take your voice commands and act upon accordingly. Since Amazon Echo comes at a not-so-affordable price, everyone cannot bring home this device.

If you want to experience the excellence of Amazon Echo without paying a penny, you can convert your Android phone or iPhone into an portable Amazon Echo. Thankfully, users can use Amazon Echo on iPhone, Android device and on a Mac too. Follow the method given below and convert your smartphone into an portable Amazon Echo.

How to Convert Your Android Phone or iPhone into a Portable Amazon Echo

How to Convert Android Phone or iPhone into an Portable Amazon Echo with Reverb

You can use Reverb on your iPhone, Android and Mac also; it is compatible with iOS, macOS, and Android. Before you download and install this app, make sure that you have an Amazon account; Reverb doesn’t work without Amazon account. Once you install the app on your device, you can send your commands to Alexa and see response cards, timers and more. Reverb is also compatible with Skills on your Amazon Echo, albeit you have to enable Skills on Amazon Echo.

Step #1: First off, you need to download Reverb for Amazon Alexa from Google Play Store, iTunes, and App Store.

Open Reverb on your smartphone

Step #2: Upon opening the app, you will be asked to sign in and only then you can use Alexa on your smart devices.

Login with Amazon Account to use Reverb

Step #3: Next, you will be landed on the main screen of the app. Here, you just need to tap and hold or click and hold on your Mac to make Alexa listen to you.

Press and Hold to Speak

Step #4: Once you speak your command, release the button and Alexa will work upon your command and give you suitable reply or response.

Reverb has similar functions as Echo; it can carry out all your tasks that Amazon Echo does. Once you enable Skills in your Alexa, they will work through Reverb. If you are using an Android phone, you can find a hamburger button on Reverb app; this button has all necessary options to use Reverb. Moreover, this hamburger icon boasts section that shows your alarms and timers.

Timers and Alarms also work on iPhone, but unfortunately there is no facility to view it on iOS device. If you wish to view timers and alarms, you need to open Alexa companion app on your iPhone.

Reverb on Mac is more basic than it is on iPhone and Android phone. On your Mac, simply sign in and click and hold the button to voice your commands. Reverb will then process your commands once you release the mouse; you will get suitable response from Reverb. Apart from this, there is no option in app on Mac; to check your timers, alarms, shopping lists and others you need to rely on Alexa website.

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Is there any alternative to Reverb?

Android users have to rely on Alexa Listens as an alternative to Reverb; apart from Alexa Listens, there is no other app that can replace Reverb on Android devices. However, iPhone users can enjoy some better options of Reverb. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can use apps like Astra to get Alexa work on your iPhone. If experts’ opinions are to be believed, Reverb is possibly the best option to try.

If you are a proud owner of Amazon Echo, you can still use this app to check the difference between the two. It is possible that your Echo is not covered by Amazon Echo cases and therefore, it delivers a mediocre performance.

The world of communication is now equipped with smart voice enabled devices. Brands are introducing new and innovative features in such voice assistant speakers. Google has also taken a plunge in this market with its Google Home. You can control smart home devices via Google Assistant on Pixel phones.

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