Could Not Activate iPhone Error on iPhone X? Try Out These Solutions

When Apple announced iPhone X in its event, people were keen to get their hands on the most advanced smart phone of the world. But now as the device has been released and people began to explore its features, the phone has hit headlines for its technical errors. After “Face ID has been disabled”, users are facing “Could Not Activate iPhone” error on iPhone X.

Normally, users get to know about this when they receive an alert that says activation server is unavailable or the SIM card is unsupported. Before you go ahead with some solutions, you can check following things to solve the issue.

  • Is your iPhone using SIM card? If yes, you need to ensure that SIM card is in your iPhone X. While you are here, you can remove SIM insert it again in your iPhone. There is another option to fix the issue: use another SIM card. For this, you may have to visit your carrier’s retail store and ask them to test with another SIM card. Probably, you need to replace your SIM card.
  • You should also ensure that you have an active plan with wireless carrier.

How to Fix Could Not Activate iPhone Error on iPhone X

How to Fix iPhone X Activation Error

Note that most of the users who have faced iPhone X activation error belong to AT&T or Verison. The issue has been fixed on both the carriers, but if you are still facing this issue on your device, follow the fixes given below.

AT&T and Verison servers have been hit by massive load, and therefore, these users should wait for some time and then try to activate their devices, i.e. iPhone X.

Restart iPhone X

As happens with other issues & solutions, troubleshooting the activation error on iPhone X begins with restarting.

Step #1: Press and hold the side button and volume up/down (either of the two) until you see a slider to turn off your iPhone X.

Step #2: When slider appears, simply slide it from left to right to completely turn off your iPhone X.

Step #3: Once your iPhone X is shut down, press and hold the Side button again until you see Apple logo on the screen. (Just incase your iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo, Follow this guide)

Connect your iPhone X to Wi-fi Network

If you are using Cellular data on your device, stop using it and connect your iPhone X with a strong Wi-fi network at office or at home.

Activate your iPhone X through iTunes

Before you activate your device through iTunes, you need to ensure that you are using the latest iTunes version on your computer.

Step #1: Open iTunes on your computer.

Step #2: Now connect your iPhone via lightning cable that came with your device; then wait until iTunes detects your iPhone and activate it. (Check this post if iTunes doesn’t detect your iPhone)

If iTunes shows ‘Set up as New’ or ‘Restore from Backup’, your iPhone is activated by iTunes successfully.

If iTunes shows an error that your SIM card is not compatible, you need to contact your carrier.

Among other things, you should also check System Status page, and ensure that iOS Device Activation is not green. If this status is not green, you can try to activate your iPhone later.

Still not able to activate your iPhone X? You need to contact Apple Support for further help.

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