How to Create To Do List With Alexa from Amazon Echo

Apple has finally taken a plunge into the race of smart and intelligent voice enabled speakers. Now the competition will be fiercer. Amazon is already leading the market with its Echo devices and the e-commerce giant is making its devices more competitive and user-friendly. In this cut-throat rivalry, consumers will receive countless benefits. Amazon now enables you to manage your to-do list through Alexa. You can now create to do list with Alexa from Amazon Echo

Recently, users have seen some useful features of Alexa: listen to audiobooks on Amazon Alexa, customize Alexa wake word, make a phone call and send message with Alexa, set alarms and timers on Echo using Alexa etc. Apart from using Alexa’s to-do list, you can get your to-do list from Alexa, clear your to-do list, and get Alexa to-do list in other apps.

How to Create To Do List With Alexa from Amazon Echo

How to Make To Do List With Alexa from Amazon Echo

How to Add to the to-do list With Alexa

You can add your to-do to the Alexa to-do list. You can launch Alexa app on your smartphone, tablet or web browser. Or you can simply ask Alexa add something to your to-do list (the latter is quite simple).

Step #1: Open Alexa app on your phone.

Step #2: Launch the sidebar menu.

Step #3: Now you need to tap or click on lists.

Step #4: Choose to-do and not shopping.

Step #5: Finally add your to-do.

Alternatively, you can ask Alexa add something to your to-do list.

“Alexa, add (to-do) to my to-do list”.

How to Get your to-do list from Alexa

Once you have added something to your to-do list, you surely would like to ask Alexa about your to-do list before you go to your office in the morning. Follow the first three steps as mentioned above to see the snapshot of your to-do list on your smartphone.

Or use your Echo device and ask, “Alexa, what’s on my to-do list?”

Alexa will read out number of items on your to-do list.

How to Clear to-do list With Alexa

As of now Alexa is not able to clear your to-do list following your voice commands. You need to go to your Alexa app to clear your to-do list.

Follow the first three steps to see your to-do list in Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet or web browser. Now, tap on the checkbox next to each completed item and the item will be struck through. You can see a delete button appears automatically; now you can clear out old tasks and keep the list updated.

If you have used your voice to add to-do, Alexa will display it in the app. In case you have made any mistakes, it will highlight what Alexa heard wrong.

How to Get Alexa to-do list in other apps

Alexa is liberal enough to invite other services to connect, and therefore, you can integrate your Alexa to-do list with other apps. is a popular app that boasts an option in Settings to connect your Amazon Alexa account.

Once you link your Amazon Alexa account with, you can create a dedicated Alexa to-do list within the app; now, any change you do in Alexa will reflect in Similarly, any addition or removal in will be seen in Alexa.

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