How to Setup and Create Alexa Voice Profiles on Amazon Echo Devices

Your Amazon Echo device has now become a member of your family and more than one member would like to interact with the smart speaker. This is one of the reasons you have begun to add and use multiple accounts on Amazon Echo. But now that there are more members interacting with Echo device, there arises a need to create a voice profile in Alexa.

Remember, there is a remarkable difference between setting up multiple accounts and creating voice profiles. When you set up multiple accounts, you are using Alexa Household feature to share contents and purchases with the members of your family. While creating voice profiles, you allow other users of family to interact with Amazon Echo using Alexa. This again creates a need to teach Alexa your voice by interacting with Amazon Echo or other devices like Dot or Show. Once you finish improving your Amazon Echo interaction by voice training, follow the steps given below to add a new Alexa voice profile on Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show and Echo Spot.

Note that any grown-up member of your family can create his or her own individual voice profile on their iPhone or Android phone. They need to download Alexa app on their device from App Store or Google Play Store. Your next step is to sign in with Amazon account information you have used to register your shared Alexa device(s).

If you are new to Amazon Household, you need to enter your personal account information when you sign into Alexa app. For detailed info, you can check our dedicated tutorial on how to add new family member on Amazon Echo.

Then Alexa app will ask you to ‘Get Started’ initiated by signing up for Alexa Calling and Messaging. This will actually enable you to make calls and send messages through Amazon Echo devices and Alexa app.

How to Setup and Create Alexa Voice Profiles on Amazon Echo Devices

How to Setup and Create Alexa Voice Profile on Amazon Echo Devices

Step #1: Choose Get Started.

Step #2: You are now on ‘Help Alexa get to know you’ screen; choose your profile and select ‘I’m someone else’.

Step #3: Here, you just need to follow on-screen instructions to confirm or enter your name; next, you need to add and verify your mobile phone details to enable Alexa Calling and Messaging. When you finish this process, the Alexa app will take you to Home screen.

In case you don’t want to use Alexa Calling and Messaging feature, you can always set up voice profile; note that you cannot call or send messages to your mobile contacts. When you are asked to enter your mobile phone details, simply choose Skip.

Step #4: Now you need to go to Alexa app menu and choose Settings.

Step #5: Next, scroll to Accounts section and choose Your Voice.

Step #6: Choose Begin to initiate the process. You can use drop-down menu to choose the device with which you want to interact and to teach Alexa your voice. Now, choose Next.

Step #7: Speak the on-screen phrase loud when you are asked. Choose Next to go to next phrase.

Step #8: Finally, choose Complete when you are done.

That’s it!

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